Review: Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas


Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas
Burlesque Press (April 17, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Faith Jacobson – Slave, Very Vanilla 
Hero: Leo Raspallo – Master, Very Kinky 






I'll be honest with you, part of the attraction to dark erotica for me is the psychological aspect. The dichotomy it presents between love and hate, good and evil, force and consent... You never know what's coming and it makes you a little, or a lot, afraid.

Mafia Captive embodies all that in a slightly easier on the brain package. I say only slightly because the parts that are less only made me want it more. The way that Miz Thomas holds back only ratchets up the tension. I never thought I'd be on the edge of my seat waiting for the hero to take what's his. (Vague much? Sorry. I can't think of another way to explain it!)

Faith Jacobson was in the wrong place at he wrong time. After witnessing a mob hit, said mobster gets a glimpse at her fiery red hair and decides she'd make an excellent Christmas present for his brother. A brother who, along with having a thing for redheads, has always wanted a slave.

But what Leo Raspallo gets is a terrified, barely-adult woman. His dream of owning a slave quickly becomes a nightmare. He wants her, he wants the perks of owning Faith, but is afraid his desires will end up breaking her. If Faith had just an inkling of kink in her blood, he could train her... but she doesn't. Having Faith in his house only brings his inner demons to the forefront.

Matters are further complicated when Leo's family visits for the holidays. Leo, who is a devout Catholic, and Faith have two choices: hide her in his dungeon or pretend she's his fiancé. Mama Raspallo would not approve of Faith living with him otherwise. Faith chooses the pretend engagement. But acting as his beloved-fiancé only shows her exactly what she wants from Leo—which is exactly what he's not capable of giving: tenderness and love. And, at the same time, it forces Leo to the brink in his want of Faith. Pushes him to make decisions neither can come back from.

Mafia Captive hit me in the gut, over and over. It hurt to watch two people, who should be fundamentally wrong for each other, try to make it work because they can't deny their chemistry and attraction. It was a different kind of hurt from Comfort Food or Tender Mercies, but no less painful. Miz Thomas did a great job staying true to who Faith was and who Leo was... even if it had me whining, "Faith! Why can't you just enjoy a little spanking every now and then?!" or "Leo! You're so good at pretending to be a doting fiancé, why can't you really be one?!"

I love how Kitty Thomas writes heroes capable of anything and heroines who are tested and pushed past the brink. The uncertainty, the unknown... the danger ever present... is thrilling. And terrifying. She makes you keep turning the pages, only blinking when absolutely necessary.

If you've never read a Kitty Thomas novel, I think that Mafia Captive would be a great first book to try. Dip your toes into the dark erotica world that is Kitty Thomas. If you're still afraid, I'll hold your hand as you read. *wink*

Favorite Quote:

Faith tried not to think about the price he’d extract from her for all this kindness. A tab had started, and there was no doubt he’d take it out of her body. Even so, she couldn’t help the instinct that made her want to cling to him for his protection, however irrational or foolish such an instinct may be.


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