Twice as Nice: Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino


Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino
Renee Carlino (April 14, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Mia Kelly – Grieving, Plays the Piano
Hero: Will Ryan – Roommate, Musician 



Mia Kelly has years spent years trying to be like her mom, her number one role model, while denying any part of her that was like her dad. Not in a mean way—she loves her dad, don't get me wrong, but something about his freedom and his passion scared her. When her father passes away suddenly, Mia decides to move to New York to handle his affairs… and has to face the fact that she is her father’s daughter too.

After Mia moves into her father’s apartment, starts working at her father’s café… she finds that she loves the life her father built for himself. The people, the music, the culture. And somewhere, deep down inside, a part of Mia she’s been denying starts to surface. Which scares the crap out of her, as Mia’s afraid of finding out who she thought she was isn't really her at all.

When she meets Will, her secret dream and a nightmare realized, she's terrified. Will Ryan is everything she shouldn’t want in a guy—a starving artist with no real job. Nothing about him screams solid and steady and dependable. Will is flirty and silly and unbearably sweet.  He walks to his own beat, lives by his own code. And he has so much musical talent and passion, you can’t help but be awed by him.

But it’s the starving part Mia has a problem with. She’s seen what a musician’s lifestyle can do to a relationship. She watched her straight-laced mother and beatnik father try and fail. Opposites shouldn’t attract. But she can’t help the way she feels about Will either, so, when he needs a place to stay, Mia and Will become roommates.

Which leads to a lot of hurtful words and hurtful deeds. Lots of mixed signals and crossed wires. And more than a few sleepless, restless nights. But somehow Mia and Will still manage to become friends. Best friends. And make some – literal – beautiful music together. All while she’s grieving the loss of her father.

Riding shotgun on Mia and Will's romance... isn't easy. Mia frustrated the heck out of me. Grief and fears aside, I wanted to have a serious talking to with her. Thankfully, she has three wise and wonderful women to tell her like it is. I adored Jenny, Martha and Sheil. They dish out some tough love when needed. And Will manages to teach her the hardest lesson of all... and damn near broke my heart in the process.

Sweet Thing? More like sweet torture because, oh, Mia and Will tortured my heart so so sweetly… Seriously, I just plain adored that man. Will can call me sweet baby any time. Or all the time. Sigh. I truly don’t know how Mia resisted him. Sexy as sin, sweet as honey, a true gentleman, and he can play the guitar and sing? Sold! *wink*

Mia and Will knocked me on my arse in such a wonderful way. I can't recommend this book enough! Miz Carlino has a beautiful way with words. What she created with Mia and Will… and the music… and the friendship and love between them... beautiful.


Favorite Quote:

The guest clapped along as we played, getting faster and faster. Will turned and straddled me, then kicked his leg up on the high keys and started banging his heel to the beat. Everyone was laughing and cheering us on. He pulled his leg down and then there were four hands on the piano and he was playing with me, his chest flush with my back. His hands started on the outside of mine and then when the tune changed he reached one hand under my arm, brushing intimately close to me. Our hands alternated as he played right along with me on the same keys in a lower octave. We were so connected. I felt his warm breath on my neck. When I leaned back against him and closed my eyes the cheering got louder; the crowd understood the difficulty of what we were doing. I turned and gave Will a big smooch on the cheek. “You’re rad,” I said to him.
”Everything’s rad,” he said, smiling.

Thoughts While Reading:

19.0% - "Well, Mia luv, Will is definitely MY type!"
48.0% - "*grumbles* Why are you so in denial, Mia?! You're killin' me!"

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  1. Loved this book, refreshing.

    1. Wasn't it? :) It's very different from any other book I've read this year - in a really fantastic way.


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