Review: Flirting with Disaster by Ruthie Knox


Flirting with Disaster (Camelot #3) by Ruthie Knox
Loveswept (June 11, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Katie Clark – People Pleaser, Soul-searching 
Hero: Sean Owens – Hunky Stuttering Nerd, Computer Genius






Katie Clark is newly divorced after her ex-husband leaves her high and dry without any money. She’s moved home to Camelot and now lives with her brother, Caleb. Slowly after the divorce, she’s starting to get her life back together. Caleb has been a good support system for Katie by helping get physically fit and emotionally happy again. He also gives Katie a job at his security company working as an office manager. Now Katie wants to prove to her brother that she can be a field agent after a famous musician asks Katie, specifically, to work his case. Since Katie is still learning the ropes, Caleb teams her up with Sean Owens – which is a bad idea since he refuses to talk to Katie. She can’t figure out if the glowering, silent hottie hates her or not since he won’t talk to her and that drives Katie nuts. A decade of being a nurturing, dependent, people pleasing doormat for people, especially her husband, has left Katie feeling like she needs to turn over a new leaf and find her independence again. So, she is not going to let Sean’s silence get to her. She’s got things to prove and independence to find. She’s ready to take this job and, if she has to, take on Sean.

Sean has returned to Camelot to handle his mother’s estate. When he left he was a stuttering, insecure, nerdy kid who could hack into people’s personal data. Now he’s a ruthless, talented, smart businessman who owns his own company that specializes in securing computer personal data. He’s still a computer geek, but a sexy one. After leaving Camelot years ago, he’s never been back until now. Taking care of his mother’s estate shouldn’t take long, but Sean has found himself emotionally unable to leave. His issues have kept him in Camelot, stuck in his mother’s house, not knowing how to move on. It’s time for Sean to deal with the emotional baggage he buried years ago. Being forced to work with Katie, the girl of his dreams, turns him into a stuttering mess. But, while around his own employees or other people, like Caleb, he’s more focused and confident and the stuttering remains under control.

There is something about Katie that makes Sean lose all control. Sean has been infatuated with Katie since high school and, even after all these years, his feelings for never went away. Sean does eventually talk to Katie, and when his stutter is revealed to her, she barely acknowledged it. She doesn’t pity him for his stutter. Katie is a genuine, nice person who sees beyond people’s flaws--being that she’s a flawed person herself. It was fun to watch the relationship between these two develop. I especially like watching Katie fall for the sexy, stuttering, computer geek…

“She developed a geek fetish. Next thing she knew, he’d pull out a graphing calculator, and she’d faint from lust.”

The chemistry between Katie and Sean is ridiculously sexy. Sean does his best to stay away from Katie, knowing he will be going home soon. He doesn’t want to hurt her. But Katie decided to boldly proposition him. While he does say no, at first, he eventually gives in to the pent up desire and passion he’s had for Katie all these years. And Sean definitely does not hold back showing her the kind of dirty talking, domineering man he can be.

“Nice?” he said fiercely. “Nice is a lemonade stand.” He withdrew and thrust deep. “Nice is a picnic on the lawn. This is not—nice. You are not a nice woman. You are fucking—sstupefying.”

In addition to Katie and Sean’s story, Ruthie Knox also creates another story with the rock star, Judah Pratt. Judah’s story is what brought Katie and Sean together to begin with. Judah hired Katie and Sean to find out who is sending him threatening letters, but there is more to the story than Judah lets on. As the story progresses, we learn who the man is behind the celebrity heart throb. Judah has secrets and it’s up to Sean and Katie to uncover the mystery that surrounds Judah.

While Flirting with Disaster isn’t my favorite in the series, it’s still an excellent read that I would recommend. I started out concerned I wouldn’t like Katie. In the beginning of the story, I thought she acted a little too immature and silly but I quickly got over how I felt as I got to know her. It was worth seeing her go through her many phases as she discovers who she is. Also, I really didn’t care to read from Judah’s POV. Not only did it throw me off when I began reading his part, I’m not even sure I ever warmed up to reading from his POV. But his part does play an integral role to the story, so I can see why it was important.

Hot, funny, romantic, sexy, flirty, and dirty… the Camelot Series by Ruthie Knox has been a ton of fun to read. And Flirting with Disaster, the last book in the series, is no exception. I can’t help but be sad it’s over. *sniffles* However, I’m looking forward to seeing what Ruthie Knox comes up with next. I will continue to read Ruthie’s books because I love how she always writes highly flawed and relatable characters. Her stories are always well-developed and engaging. One of the best parts of her stories is that there are always at least three very sexy scenes in each of her books. Who doesn’t love their sexy times? I know, I do!


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