Review: Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Entangled: Covet (May 31, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Serena Cross – Guidance Counselor, Human 
Hero: Hunter – Assassin for DOD, Arum





Holy Alien Hotness… what an amazing book! Jennifer Armentrout always delivers, but she really outdid herself with this one. I devoured this book and, when it was over, I wanted to read it again. I bow down to you, Jennifer Armentrout, for writing awesome stories that rock my world into oblivion!

This is a spin-off book from the Lux series, but it can read as a stand-alone.  We learn in Obsession there are two sides to the Luxen and Arum alien species. The Arum, in the Lux series, are known as ruthless assassins who hunt down those who don’t abide by the ‘rules.’ The Luxen and Arum have been mortal enemies for centuries. In the Lux series, the Arum are hated. But, in Obsession, the Luxen are depicted as the bad guys. Jennifer Armentrout has written a clever story that shakes up the dynamics between the Luxen and Arum. She’s changed everything we thought we knew about these two alien groups. And now Jennifer made me fall in love with Hunter, an Arum, who turns out to be the most incredible hero.

Obsession opens up with Serena Cross and her best friend, Melanie, talking in a bar where Melanie is freaking out after witnessing the sons of a powerful Senator turning into a light bulbs. What she actually saw was an Alien species called Luxen in his true form. But Melanie and Serena don’t know this since they’re human. And, of course, Serena didn’t believe her friend, thinking maybe Melanie has finally lost her marbles. But when Serena witnesses her friend being killed by an alien, Serena realizes her friend was telling the truth after all. Witnessing her friend’s death has now put Serena in danger, so the Department of Defense has asked Hunter, a hired assassin for the DOD, to protect Serena from the Luxen who want her dead. Now Serena finds herself under Hunter’s protection in his home in Virginia.

Move over Daemon (from the Lux series), there is a bigger, badder, sexier Alien in town.  I’m totally crushing on Hunter, who is ruthless, sexy, unapologetic, and a bad ass fighter with an even badder attitude. Oh yes, my kind of hero. Hunter may not be happy to be saddled with babysitting Serena, but there is something about her that he’s completely drawn to. He wants her and not just for a quickie. Not that he’s against a quickie. There is something more between them that is almost… electric. Arum feed off Luxen and humans for substance and power – almost like a Succubus. And Hunter has never even thought about being with a human, unless it’s to have sex with them or feed from them. Serena is a human who has feelings and emotions. Hunter doesn’t DO feelings and emotions. Yet he begins to care for this woman who challenges everything he’s ever thought he knew about himself.

Serena, who is light to Hunter’s dark, is exactly the kind of woman Hunter needed. This stubborn, feisty woman doesn’t put up with Hunter’s bad attitude. She may be small but she’s not afraid of the big, bad alien. And she is definitely not afraid to put him in his place when he is being an asshole. She doesn’t want to be protected or left in the dark. She wants to know what she’s up against. This leaves Hunter with no choice but to show her exactly who he is. And, to Hunter’s surprise, Serena was not afraid to see his true form that is a hulking shadow that should’ve intimidated her. Hunter finds her feistiness amusing and sexy at the same time. In turn, Serena is intoxicated by Hunter and intrigued by everything that makes up this man. These two may butt heads, but have great chemistry. I loved watching the chemistry sizzle between them as they banter back and forth. 

“I don’t like being bossed around.” [Serena]

“You like it when I tell you to open your legs for me” [Hunter]

Of course, there are some delicious and sexy hot scenes between Hunter and Serena. These two are oh, so very HOT when they took all that sizzling energy between them and put it to good use… in the bedroom. Hunter definitely knows how to seduce a woman and get her all hot and bothered.  I can’t help but love his domineering, rough side…

My next words came out as a low, harsh grow. “I can promise you that sex with me won’t be about long, soft pets or whispered words. I like rough and raw, but your pleasure will always come first. Every single time.”

As things heat up between Serena and Hunter, danger continues to lurk around the corner. Serena’s life will never be the same now that she knows about the aliens. Will Hunter continue to protect Serena’s life and sacrifice everything when all hell breaks loose?

Action packed, sexy as hell romance, bad ass hero, feisty heroine, well developed plot, fantastic storyline, and awesome secondary characters… what more could you want out of an adult paranormal romance!?! Obsession is an impressive stand-alone. But I don’t want it to be a stand-alone. I want MORE!  I’ve become completely addicted to the Arum world and can only hope and beg and plead with the author to write more books. I feel like there is more to this story that needs to be told. I would love a book each for Lore and Sin – Hunter’s brothers. Whether it’s Young Adult, New Adult, or Adult, I will continue to read anything this author writes. Jennifer Armentrout is that good.


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