Review: Savor You by Emily Snow


Savor You (Savor Us #1) by Emily Snow
Emily Snow Books (June 11, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Kylie Wolfe – Tattooed and Dyed, Lucas’ Assistant
Hero: Wyatt McCrae – Tattooed and Pierced, Bassist






Kylie Wolfe is one tough chick. You'd have to be to put up with the Lucas Wolfe on a daily basis, right? But she does have one weakness, her kryptonite, Wyatt McCrae. These two crazy kids have been put through the emotional ringer, a relationship that's only been hinted at in Devoured, and now we finally get to see Kylie and Wyatt. Their often effed up but always crazy beautiful relationship.

So when these two are forced on a semi-cross country road trip, revisiting painful memories, I was glad to be right there with them. Getting to know them both. Especially since their stops always included a bar, Wyatt being sexy on stage, and a hotel room at the end of the night... Or a laundry room. Wyatt can make washing clothes sexy as sin too, let me tell ya.

“I’ve done exactly what I told you I’d do. I came here with you. I let you remind me of our past, the good and the bad. But, Wyatt, I just can’t anymore.” – Kylie

Not that Kylie’s happy to be around Wyatt, when the whole point of her vacation was to get away from him. Because, after so many years of off and on, of hurting every time they’re off—she’s ready to be off for good. Kylie wears her heart on her sleeve and, finally, she’s starting to feel worn down. She may look like a wild child, but Wyatt's the only oats she’s ever wanted to sow. She's dedicated to Your Toxic Sequel and all its members, but Wyatt makes her feel too much. If only she could say no to him.

"Did you think I'd really give you up so easily, beautiful? Did you really think I'd let you go without reminding you why you fucking fell in the first place?" 
– Wyatt

But, really, who would want to say no to Wyatt? That man, with his sexy lip ring and guitar-string callused fingers is h-o-t. I could immediately feel what drew Kylie to him and kept her coming back. He's broken, he's made dumb mistakes, but deep down he loves her and that's all that matters. And when he sets his mind to wooing Kylie, well, she doesn’t really stand a chance. You have to love a guy who’s charm is a little rough around the edges. Wyatt is relentless when it comes to winning Kylie this time because he can tell it’s probably his last chance.

Savor You is one emotional road trip down memory lane. Filled with tension and intimacy and love that sometimes feels toxic. I loved the sense of familiarity and affection—and, most importantly, the friendship—between Kylie and Wyatt. Sometimes love is all about timing and it takes a while for them to get their timing right. I’ve been looking forward to their story, and Kylie as the main character, since Devoured, and Miz Snow gave me exactly what I’d hoped for. I love the way she writes rock stars with hard edges… and Wyatt doesn’t disappoint.



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