Review: Drowning In Love by Beth Rinyu


Drowning In Love by Beth Rinyu
B. Rinyu (July 6, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Mia Taylor – Hair Stylist, Huge Heart 
Hero: Travis Montgomery – Olympic Swimmer, Womanizer






Sometimes life isn't fair and takes us in a direction that we least expect. But as long as the outcome is sweet, it makes all of the heartache and roadblocks that we have to endure worthwhile.

Drowning in Love begins with Mia and Eric. They were high sweethearts and now engaged to be married. Mia has every she’s always wanted. She is about to marry her first love and start a family. This is everything she’s ever dreamed of. Sadly, Mia’s dreams come crashing down around her when she loses her fiancĂ© before they have a chance for their happily ever after. She’s devastated and overcome with grief. For a year, she mourns and simply goes through the motions of living, not feeling anything. Her life has become an empty shell of her former life. Until she meets the gorgeous, confident, charming, famous Olympic swimmer, Travis Montgomery.

When Mia and Travis first meet, they don’t hit it off too well. Travis was having a bad day and was rude and inconsiderate to Mia. But Travis immediately redeems himself and charms her into going out with him. She goes and has a really great time with him. He’s charismatic, considerate, and good company. Travis is known for his womanizing ways and Mia knows this. She decides that it would be best to just be friends with him. She doesn’t want to be another one of his conquests. So, she proposes they just be friends and they both agree. They quickly find out that being friends is impossible when they can no longer fight the intense attraction between them. Travis sparks something inside Mia that makes her feel alive again. Mia can no longer fight the attraction she has for Travis and goes for it. Travis doesn’t just want Mia for one night. He wants her for keeps. Things quickly change between them. A relationship is formed and they fall in love. BUT Travis has been keeping a terrible secret from Mia. This secret is the biggest betrayal to Mia and could tear them apart. 

I feel like this story is broken up into two parts. The first half of the story is about Mia and Travis’s falling in love. They have an instant attraction, but the relationship develops slowly and maturely. They may come from different worlds, but they fit into each other’s world perfectly as they learn about one another. Mia is down to earth and sugary sweet. She doesn’t care that Travis is a rich, well-known athlete. She loves Travis for Travis. She has such strength and determination. She loves and forgives easy. She has a big heart. And, once we learn more about Travis, there is more to this sexy man underneath the surface.  He’s kind and giving and protective. He could have any woman, but he only wants Mia. With Mia’s big heart and sweet personality, Travis can’t imagine going back to his many non-emotional one night stands ever again. Together they are beautiful and brought out the best in each other. But, unfortunately, they also brought out the worst in each other.

The second half of the story is where things become complicated and difficult for this couple. These two go through so much as the story is told over years from both Mia and Travis’ POV. Travis’ secret causes a lot of heartache and pain. Things between them unravel in an instant when it’s revealed. They are both hurting emotionally and thinking irrationally. And, as if the ugly secret wasn’t enough, Mia and Travis’ relationship is tested once again. I really wasn’t prepared for what happened. Shocked… is an understatement. Once the shock settles in, I could see where the story was going, and then I became worried and nervous for Mia and Travis. I didn’t want to see them go through any more heartbreak. But, alas, Miz Rinyu does not let up. My poor aching heart took quite the beating. Things definitely get worse before they get better. And it does get better...

"Because I don't want to feel the pain of losing someone that I love so much, ever again."
"Mia, I promise, you will never lose me. You are my girl forever."

Mia and Travis’ story is beautiful and devastating at the same time. This story captures the complexities of love. Emotionally, I was put through the wringer. There is a lot of drama in this story that stems from this couple not communicating or trusting one another. I felt a tremendous amount of affection for this couple but, at the same time, I felt incredibly frustrated with some of their decisions. One of the main things that I found the most frustrating is that they never just talked. Every decision, every mistake, and all the heartache they experience put the incredible love they have for one another through the ultimate test. It was hard going through hell and back with this couple. But seeing them overcome the odds made it worth it. So, if you love complicated, highly emotional, and endearing love stories, Drowning In Love is the perfect book to read.    


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