Review: Not Until You Part V & VI by Roni Loren


Not Until You Part V: Not Until You Beg by Roni Loren 
InterMix (June 25, 2013)

Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender by Roni Loren 
InterMix (July 2, 2013)


Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Cela Medina – Sheltered, Inexperienced 
Hero: Ian Foster – Dominant, Reluctant 

My review of Not Until You Part I & II – and my review for Part III & IV!


Foster! Okay, so I may have a wee bit of a crush on Ian Foster. And by wee, I mean huge. There is something about him that just riles me up and turns me on! In these two installments, we get to know him so much more. We find out who he is and what makes him tick. And, finally, the Dom is learning to be dominant outside of The Ranch. Which Cela seriously needs. I am very glad to see her loosening her dads shackles because, dang, Foster’s are so much more appealing. *wink*

In Not Until You Beg, things for Cela and Foster take a serious turn. Tired of living under her dad's thumb, Cela decides to live her life - her way. Which means all she wants is Foster. Needing to find him, show him how she feels, she convinces her bother (Andre from Melt into You) to take her to The Ranch. And what happens at The Ranch, doesn't stay at The Ranch. Foster is tired of playing pretend, so Cela needs to learn to embrace her submissive side. But it isn't easy. Actually, it's terrifying but also freeing. These two have a ton of work ahead of them.

In Not Until You Surrender, well, there are a lot of steps forward and a lot of steps back. The trust built between these two is very tentative and new. And easily broken. When Cela gets caught telling a little white lie, Foster metes out punishment that is painful and surprisingly pleasurable. But that tiny lie only reinforces the doubts Foster has... and, well, these two had me tearing up by the end. Just when I thought they were on the right track, building trust between them, learning about each other - wham! - bring on the heartache and the crying.

Roni Loren is driving me crazy! Every time an installment comes to an end, I find myself saying, “No no no! Don’t stop!” This is especially true of this last installment. Where it cuts off – argh! Killing. Me. Torture. But I love it. Keep it coming.


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