Review: Beauty Becomes You by Skye Warren


Beauty Becomes You (Beauty #4) by Skye Warren
Skye Warren (August 2, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Erin Raider – Younger, Student 
Hero: Blake Morris – Recluse, Professor 

Broken Beauty is part four in the Beauty serial. Part one, Beauty Touched the Beast is currently FREE on Amazon. Click here for my review of part two, Beneath the Beauty. Click here for my review of part three, Broken Beauty.





In Beauty Becomes You, the third – and final – installment in the Beauty serial, things between Erin and Blake have cooled off a bit. There’s a lot of distance between them while they try to get through the home stretch. It’s not easy for them to be apart but the time and space does do them a lot of good because there is a lot of character growth. Erin and Blake have come a long ways since the beginning, while still remaining true to their characters. And when they are finally reunited, well, it is beautiful.

I was beyond happy to see Blake finally loose his desperation for Erin, replacing it with cool calm and acceptance. Accepting that she's his and nothing will take her away from him. Not his scars, his tendency to withdraw, or his struggle with PTSD. It was heartwarming to see love transform this supposed beast.

Our dear, sweet Erin also grows in this last installment. Becomes more sure of her place with Blake—at his side, as an equal. A partner. She's not the help, she's not a poor student, she's simply Erin. Seeing her grow into herself as a woman was awesome to witness.

The Beauty series, as a whole, is sexy and tender. Skye weaves emotion and eroticism together in such a fantastic way. Beauty Becomes You is no exception. I'm going to miss these two – especially Blake’s raw way of making love *wink* – but at least there are always rereads. Can't wait to see what Skye has in store for us next.


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