Review: Turn and Burn by Lorelei James


Turn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys #5) by Lorelei James
NAL (August 6, 2013)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Tanna Barker – Former Barrel Racer, Stubborn
Hero: August Fletcher – Veterinarian, Determined






Former barrel racing champion Tanna Barker is looking for a fresh start. After a bad accident on her horse, Tanna is afraid to get back on the saddle. Tanna’s afraid of a lot of things really—horses, men, relationships, her former life in Texas. So she's packed up and is temporarily moving to Wyoming to work at the Split Rock, a resort that’s owned by one of her friend’s husband. And what does Miss Tanna do her first night in town? She hooks up with a random (and totally sexy) stranger she meets at a bar. Once her wild night of fun is over, Tanna does what she usually does—splits—expecting to never see her handsome hookup again.

A few days later, however, there he is. August Fletcher, an overworked veterinarian who also happens to be one sweet talker. Even though he many not have a lot of suave moves, he gets you with his honesty and directness. He says what he means and then acts on it accordingly. But falling for Fletch, who never has a day off and might be the hardest working man in Wyoming, isn't something Tanna wants to do. Too bad Fletch is resilient and stubborn. Even more so than our super stubborn heroine.

These two have, oddly enough given their initial hookup, a very slow build. Tanna takes a lot of convincing. Nearly one third of the book goes by and she wouldn't even agree to a date. I never really understood the hold up on her part and it really bogged things down. Once she finally relents and Fletch gets a long and much need sabbatical from his practice, well, that's when things heat up. And up and up.

James is known for writing a certain kind of rough and gruff and dominant hero and Fletch is no exception. He's quite the beast in bed. And since he has to handle large stock seven days a week, he’s also really well built. Plus there’s the fact that he a true gentleman on top of all that? Heck yeah I'd want to lick him from his neck to his... you know... too.

Which is why I just did not get Tanna at all. There are a lot of things I liked about her, don’t get me wrong—she’s sassy and smart and she’s got quite the mouth on her—but I simply did not like her. She pussyfooted around forever. She refused to show almost any real emotions without sarcasm. There were other small things that annoyed me but, as a whole, Tanna and I simply didn’t gel. Which is unusual, as I have loved every other heroine Miz James has written, but it happens.

Turn and Burn starts out white hot and, though it slows down for a period, only manages to get even hotter. August Fletcher is the heart of this book for me, with his straightforward methods of seduction. For a man who doesn’t have a lot of free time, he knows how to make the most of his nights off. I wish I had grown to love Tanna too but it just didn’t happen. Still, if you’re in the mood for sexy cowboys who get down and dirty on the job and off—no one beats a Lorelei James hero!


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