Review: Unteachable by Leah Raeder


Unteachable by Leah Raeder
Contemporary / New Adult
Velvet Pony Press (July 26, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Maise O’Malley – Mature, Student
Hero: Evan Wilke – Lonely, Teacher






Maise O’Malley has spent her life—all eighteen years of it—simply going through the motions, never really living. No friends, no boyfriends, and, unfortunately, no real parents either. Before the start of her senior year, Maise decides to make some changes. Try to actually experience things, make connections. Live. Her first attempt? Overcoming her lifelong fear of roller coasters. Call it fate, call it kismet, call it whatever you want, but Evan Wilke is also at the local carnival that night for the same reason. The two of them take a free-fall together that night—one that doesn't end once the rollercoaster is over.

Screaming and holding hands on the ride quickly leads to moaning and rubbing bodies in Evan’s car. Used to random hook-ups, what was supposed to be a hot session with a sexy older guy feels like so much more to Maise. Intense, passionate. Completely unlike any previous hook-up. Evan looks her in the eye, makes sure she gets there too, and, when it’s over, he wants more from her. But more is a lot more than Maise can handle… So, she flees. And quickly regrets it. But fate has other plans and Maise soon comes face to face with Evan on her first day back at school.

And from there, well, Maise and I both became hot for teacher. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Throw in some forbidden student-teacher romance and it becomes down right nuclear. But even though both Maise and Evan both get off on that dynamic, revel in it and the secrecy, that's not all they are to each other. They're kindred. Two lost and lonely souls. Broken and weary hearts. They find that something in each other that manages to reach deep and heal old wounds.

You read things in romance novels like he made me melt, knowing this is physically impossible. Girls are not pats of butter. Yet my body was doing a damned fine imitation of I Can't Believe It's Not Girl, dissolving against the side of the house.

God, I related to Maise. My mom might not have been a drug addict but… growing up too fast? Never having gotten to be a kid? Basically raising yourself? Being a not-quite-adult with adult feelings? Yeah, I related to her. A lot. Combine that with her sassy attitude, honesty, all of her vulnerabilities and strengths and, well, you get my kind of heroine. And, while still a teenager riddled with hormones, Maise is incredibly mature. I loved her and immediately wished we could be BFFs.

And then there is Evan. Oh, sweet lord, Evan is… amazing. One of those hero’s you immediately want to jump into bed with. (Can’t really blame Maise for doing exactly that then, can we?) Evan checks off all of my sexy hero boxes. Sensitive, passionate lover? Heck yes. Thoughtful and compassionate friend? Yes! Swoon. A little bit damaged and in need of TLC? So much so my heart melted. Knows what he's doing during the horizontal mambo? Oh, oh, oh yes! Plus there is the whole sexy older man thing… that’s damn near irresistible.

I'm in love with this man, I thought. I'm in love with my teacher. I'm in love with Evan Wilke. It felt so crazily good to think it, accept it at last. But my mouth wouldn't say it. I could only put my lips to his skin, heat to heat, and imagine that somehow it was communicated through our blood.

In Unteachable, forbidden lust turns into unlikely true love. It was a beautifully painful and real romance full of clandestine meetings, illicit touches, and stolen kisses. I was hooked from the very first chapter. Miz Raeder has a wonderful way with the written word, making it both poetic and visual. She created two characters I was immediately drawn to and had me hanging on every word. And then there is the way that she writes the sex scenes—filling them with so much tension and passion and emotion. You can feel every touch, every breath. It will knock your darn socks off! You do not want to miss this salacious and evocative romance.


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