Review: Cake by Lauren Dane


Cake by Lauren Dane
Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin (September 17, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Wren Davis – Graphic Artist, Stubborn
Hero: Gregori Ivanov – Famous Artist, Sexy Russian 






Cake is a delicious and sexy tale about Wren Davis, a young art student and bike messenger. One of her delivery stops is the wickedly hot, famous Russian artist Gregori Ivanov. Over the course of a year, they formed a close friendship. Wren has longingly watched from a distance as the he creates magnificent pieces of art and women come and go out of his life, including his ex-wife. He cultivates a bad boy persona that people come to expect from him. But Wren sees right through the fa├žade and has begun to yearn for more from Gregori than just friendship. Wren herself is an up-and-coming graphic artist that is determined to make it on her own and refuses to be like the groupies that use Gregori for his well-known contacts. Gregori has also become infatuated with Wren. She is beauty and brains and independence -- nothing like the women that have come and gone in his life. Though Gregori fears that getting involved with Wren could break the valuable friendship they have formed. So he keeps her at arm’s length as just his friend. Despite Gregori’s intense fear of becoming involved with Wren, one heated night they give into a tasty moment of passion and desire.

I wouldn’t mind having a piece of Gregori’s ‘cake’. The man is divine with his sexy accent, tattoos, and red Mohawk. Yum. I couldn’t blame Wren for going after what she wants. I love her strong and stubborn personality that is quite a force to be reckoned with. She was determined to make Gregori realize how perfect they are for each other and she never took NO for an answer. Wren knows how to manage Gregori and all his surly demands, stubbornness, and Russian bad boy glory. But underneath his layers is a vulnerable man, whose been hurt badly by his ex-wife. Will Gregori finally realize that Wren is the right woman for him, or will he continue to push Wren away, fearing he would break their friendship that means the world to him?

"You little bird, are welcome to any and all of my cookies. I'd even share my cake with you."

This Novella is such a delectable little piece. Lauren Dane has created a sinfully sexy and tasty treat that will leave you craving for more. I loved this friends-turned-lovers story. I honestly wish this was a full length novel. I loved the vivid and smart characters she has created. It was nice to see the heroine and hero switch roles for once. I got a kick out Wren’s relentless pursuit as she breaks down Gregori’s stubborn walls. Wren is the kind of fantastic heroine that needs to be written more often in romance stories. The chemistry between Wren and Gregori is fierce and meltingly romantic. Cake is a quick read that will hit your sweet spot just right!


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