Review: Flirting with Texas by Katie Lane


Flirting with Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas #5) by Katie Lane
Forever (July 30, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Jenna Jay Scroggs – Stubborn, Texan at Heart
Hero: Beauregard Cates – Cancer Survivor, Cowboy Lothario






Beauregard Cates is a silver haired cowboy whose been traveling the world. After a long battle with lymphoma, and a scare that it might be back, Beau hasn't stopped or settled down. Or returned home to the family that loves him. He’s been constantly running away from everyone and anyone who loves him. It’s a lonely life and he doesn’t even realize just how lonely till a bossy blonde enters it unexpectedly.

While in New York City for a bull riding contest, Miss Minnie sends Beau on an errand. An errand that turns out to be much more difficult than he expected… Because Jenna Jay Scroggs is a feisty one. This tomboy makes quite the first impression when she wrestles Beau to the ground in Central Park. Okay, yeah, Beau was acting a bit like a creepy stalker so that’s all on him. But this Texan girl is, without a doubt, a fighter plain and simple. She fights everyone's battles for them—especially the underdog. And is also constantly getting in trouble because of it.

When that trouble finally catches up with her, and Jenna and Beau end up held captive in a RV that’s crossing multiple state lines, well, that’s when things get interesting. Only Jenna would be a grump about being stuck in a hot camper with a half naked Beau. Me personally? I would’ve been all over that silver fox! Beau is his underwear, sweating and glistening and talking in that delightful Texas twang? Irresistible. Somehow Jenna mostly resists him though and continues resisting him when they end up at their final destination: Brambles, Texas.

These two bicker and quarrel like an old married couple, let me tell ya. Beau doesn't want to fall for the stubborn and ornery blonde who constantly challenges him and, at times, nearly emasculates him. And Jenna definitely does not want to fall for this love ‘em and leave ‘em cowboy Lothario. But what neither can deny is that their kisses set each other on fire. Which is a good thing because they can’t seem to stop kissing each other. Or undressing one another. Or leave each other’s sides.

Which is due in part to Miss Minnie and the girls. They are definitely up to no good in this installment. These wily women are stirring up gossip and trouble like there's no tomorrow and Beau and Jenna find themselves in the thick of it. I was so glad to see the girls again in all their crazy, cantankerous glory. I adore those three old broads. You can’t help but love them.

Flirting with Texas was silly and sweet and full of southern charm. Visiting Brambles, Texas again and seeing all of its nutty inhabitants is always so much fun. And getting to ogle another Cates brother? Doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve been looking forward to the sexy silver fox’s story and it didn’t disappoint. Beau is one charming and dreamy cowboy. Mmm. Bring on more Brambles! If you love your romances with a heaping helping of laughter, this book is for you! Miz Lane has an insanely colorful wit and I love the way it’s infused into her writing.


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