Review: Rhythm and Bluegrass by Molly Harper


Rhythm and Bluegrass (Bluegrass #2) by Molly Harper
Pocket Star (October 7, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Bonnie Turkel – Historian, Eternally Optimistic 
Hero: Will McBride – Mayor, Mr. Grumpy Pants






Bonnie Turkel is a silver lining kind of girl. Happy go lucky, she always see's the bright side of things. As part of the Kentucky Tourism Commission, Bonnie travels Kentucky to find artifacts and preserve them. Being on the road all the time, Bonnie lives a nomadic lifestyle—never in one place too long, never putting down roots. Bonnie’s latest assignment takes her to the small, backwater town of Mud Creek and McBride’s Music Hall, a local landmark with a ton of history to its name—as well as straight into the path of grumpy, but charming, Will McBride.

Will McBride has only ever been in one place. Mayor of Mud Creek and grandson of the founder of McBride's Music Hall, Will has roots aplenty. He also wants what's best for his town, even if that means bringing in a tighty-whitey factory and bulldozing the music hall. There is no love lost between Will and the music hall. For him, it holds a few good memories and a whole lot more bad. If he has to fight Bonnie tooth and nail, he’s not afraid to fight dirty. Even if he’d rather be getting dirty with Bonnie instead.

Bonnie and Will quickly go from new friends to actively feuding. Bonnie wants her museum and Will wants his factory. No one tests Bonnie’s positive outlook quite like Will can. But, even though Will is often not on his best behavior, there’s something irresistible about him. Will and some of the crazy, eccentric citizens of Mud Creek cause nomadic Bonnie to slowly find a home, a place she unintentionally starts putting roots down in.

Rhythm and Bluegrass was cute, funny, and full of snark and witty references. It was sweet and unexpectedly hilarious. It’s not every day a girl becomes a surrogate cat to her land lady or has to drive around town in a rental Volkswagen Beetle held together by Bondo and a prayer. But Mud Creek charms Bonnie, just as it charmed me. I adore this series and can’t wait for more.


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