Review: How the Marquess Was Won by Julie Anne Long


How the Marquess Was Won (Pennyroyal Green #6) by Julie Anne Long
Avon (December 27, 2011)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Julian Spenser – Talk of the Ton, Marquess
Hero: Phoebe Vale – Orphan, Schoolmistress





Phoebe Vale has no family, no real friends. No one to look out for her. When she’s not teaching at Mrs. Endicott’s School for Girls, she loses herself in London's broadsheets, pretending to be one of the haute ton. Pretending to fit in... Somewhere. Anywhere.

When Julian Spenser, Marquess of Dryden and also known as Lord Ice, strolls into the shop Phoebe frequents in Pennyroyal Green, her daydreams collide with real life. Dryden is the talk of ton. Incomparably popular. Revered. And doesn't at all come across as the kind of man Phoebe had imagined.

Probably because Julian doesn’t make the best first impression. Arrogant, entitled, and pompous, his attitude rankles Phoebe. So, naturally, she can't help but try to rankle him back when he comes to tour the school where she works. But the bickering and bantering between them only sparks attraction. Then respect. Then a sort of camaraderie.

But Phoebe is common. Not at all a Diamond of the First Water. And Julian has plans. Plans that involve Lisbeth Redmond, who definitely is a Diamond. Maybe if Julian and Phoebe weren't constantly in the same places at the same time, they could both ignore their growing feelings. But that’s not at all possible when Lisbeth hires Phoebe as a companion.

Julian and Phoebe falling in love was a slow and beautiful thing. Two people who have no one else to confide in, no one who wants to get to know the real them, find that in each other. And if it weren't for the ton, there'd be no obstacles. But, oh, they do create obstacles. And drama. And it made me cry quite a few tears.

How the Marquess Was Won was cute and touching, funny and flirty. I enjoyed watching the most sought after eligible bachelor of the ton fall for the girl who’s constantly overlooked. And, of course, the drama that the ton and it’s badly behaving members created twisted my heartstrings together. It felt very much like Mean Girls invaded Pennyroyal Green. While not my favorite of the series (that is, hands down, What I Did for a Duke), it was very much worth the read. Lord Ice melted me, for sure.


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