Review: Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn


Take Me On (Ross Siblings #4) by Cherrie Lynn
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (December 17, 2013)

Rating: C+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Gabriella Ross – Medical School, Strong
Hero: Ian Rhodes – Tattoo Artist, Baby Daddy




Take Me On opens up with Gabriella Ross being dumped by her ex-fiance on the day of her wedding. Needing time to lick her wounds and mend her broken heart, she moves in with her parents for the summer. Ready to rise from the ashes so to speak, she goes to her brother’s tattoo shop, Dermamania, to get a tattoo of a phoenix rising. But her brother refuses to do the work and the only person at the shop willing to work on her is the new guy Ian Rhodes.

From the moment Ian sees Gabriella walk into the tattoo shop, he’s drawn to her beauty. Because he knows what happened to her, he handles her with care. For the first time since Gabby was dumped, she felt at peace with everything being in Ian’s presence. Gabby decides she needs to have some fun and goes out to a bar with the hopes to hook up with Ian. The moment they see each other, instant heat flares between them. Gabby then boldly seduces Ian into taking her home. They have a wild night of hot sex together, which was supposed to be a one-night-stand. But weeks later, Gabby realizes that she’s knocked up.

Now two people from different worlds are forced to make plans for an uncertain future together. What started out as electrifying chemistry in the bedroom turned into a deeper and meaningful connection. But they must overcome their self-doubts, make life-changing decisions, and overcome the odds working against them to have a future together.

Ian is our smoldering hot, tattooed, Harley-riding, tender-hearted hero, who is eight years younger than Gabby. He’s a different hero from what Lynn has written in the past. He has a quiet strength about him that I liked, but nothing was quiet about him in the bedroom with his wickedly sexy bedroom skills and dirty mouth. Ian had it rough growing up. He never had money, education, or a loving family like Gabby. These two couldn’t have been any more different. I will admit to feeling like Gabby, with her big personality, may have overshadowed Ian’s character a bit. I wish Ian would’ve put Gabby in her place many times. Despite that, I adored Ian; he made this book better for me. And he truly proves himself worthy when he took responsibility for his actions and stepped up to the plate when he needed to fight for his family.

***slight spoiler ahead***

I think Gabby is the kind of heroine you’re either going to like or dislike. I teetered in the middle for the first part of the book then it just grew into dislike. It was hard to connect with Gabby (who is my age) on a personal level. A lot of times her confidence and sass was a little over-the-top. She came across as a pushy immature brat many times in the story - which got on my nerves. I didn’t like how she let Mama Ross dictate her life. And I felt like Gabby should be supporting herself at 36. When she is given an ultimatum, at one point in the story, I didn’t think she should’ve had any doubts about what choice to make. It was a no-brainer – choose Ian. The fact that she struggled with this decision and most of the plot is based off of this ultimatum really annoyed me and hurt the story for me.

Overall, I liked this story, I just didn’t love it as much as book two and three. If you haven’t met Brian or Ghost from this series you are missing out. One of my utmost favorite books I read in 2012 is Leave Me Breathless, Ghost’s story. Cherrie Lynn definitely excels at writing sweet romances with bad boys that are extra naughty in the bedroom and leave me salivating with lust. Even though I had my issues, I still think you should give it a try. The writing is solid with a lot of hot and spicy chemistry that quickly heats up the sheets. I look forward to seeing what this author comes up with next.


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