Twice as Nice: How To Run With A Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper


How To Run With A Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #3) by Molly Harper
Pocket Books (December 31, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Anna Moder – Doctor, On the Run 
Hero: Caleb Graham – Werewolf, Bounty Hunter



Anna Moder has moved all over the country, constantly changing her identity and hiding from her ex-husband for years. Recently she left the only place that has felt like home in a long time – a valley in Alaska where she was a werewolf pack doctor. She never exposed her past to them, so when her abusive, possessive, crazy husband gets close to finding her, Anna ups and runs away again. She ends up in another Alaska small town, working as a store clerk and living in a seedy motel. Leaving work that night, she comes across two men arguing. When gun shots are heard, she finds herself rescuing a man whose been shot. She gets him to safety and soon learns the man she’s recued is a werewolf.

Caleb Graham is a werewolf from the same valley where Anna used to work, yet their paths had never crossed since he’s always on the road working as a bounty hunter, hunting down his next paycheck. His life is simple and uncomplicated, until he meets Anna, who smells like ‘home’ to him. He decides he wants to put Anna in his back pocket and keep her and does everything possible to keep his scared little ‘rabbit’, Anna, from running away from him. They embark on a few bounty hunting gigs while Caleb agrees to take Anna to Anchorage where she will obtain her new secret identity and new life from the woman whose been helping her all these years.

Between beautiful scenic views of Alaska, bar fights, criminals, seedy motels, greasy food and diners, I was taken on an exciting adventure as these two bonded and found love. But there are obstacles, of course. They have both been keeping the truth about their lives from each other. As they spend day and night together, the barriers start to dissipate and their secrets are slowly revealed -- all while sexing it up on the side.

I love that Anna is a smart and strong heroine, with a sweet, quirky side. What she went through with her husband is horrible and sad indeed – my heart broke for her. But she persevered through it all and rose up to reclaim her life. She still had some trust issues that remained prevalent throughout most of the story – with good reason. But she learns to trust again with Caleb and starts to finally see the light at the end of her dark and lonely road.

I thought it was ironic the man she falls hard for is a big bad werewolf. Caleb is the exact opposite of her husband. Actually, there is no comparison whatsoever! He may be a dominant werewolf, but he would never hurt Anna. He’s kind, patient, and protective. Caleb gave Anna the respect, happiness, and love she truly deserved. And, in turn, Anna helped Caleb learn how to see the more human side to the people he captures, not just a paycheck. He also discovers with Anna that he’s finally ready to put roots down.

“I don’t want to be loved just because I smell right.” – Anna

“Well, you do smell fantastic. And I do love you.” – Caleb

Caleb and Anna ebb and flow so well together and are exactly what each other needs at this point in their lives and more importantly, everything they could possibly want. They are such a fun-loving couple with incredible chemistry. All of the playful flirting and sassy sense of humor kept a big ole smile on my face. There is a heavy dose of sexual tension, that always simmered on the surface, that made it impossible for me not to anticipate the moment they gave into their sexual cravings for one another. It was delicious when they did!

Molly Harper, you did it again! You made me smile, laugh, and swoon over another fabulous couple. I had an absolutely delightful time reading Caleb and Anna’s sweet and sexy and exciting romance that melted my heart. I couldn’t help but devour this book! I have to mention how much I loved Caleb’s tendency to snuggle. Swoon. Snuggling alpha heroes are the best. It’s been two years since the last Naked Werewolf book and I hope the next one comes out much sooner. I absolutely adore this series.


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