Review: Back to You by Jessica Scott


Back to You (Coming Home #3) by Jessica Scott
Forever (January 7, 2014)

Rating: A-
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Laura Davila – Wife, Broken Heart
Hero: Trent Davila – Husband, Broken Soldier





Captain Trent Davila has a beautiful wife, two children, and a thriving career in the military. After he was wounded on a mission and almost died, he lost a piece of himself, thinking he didn’t deserve to live, which makes him feel lost and unable to cope with life. Now he’s back in the U.S. after being fired and court martialed for crimes he didn’t commit. To make matters worse, his wife has filed for divorce. Trent’s constant need to be in command and to make sure his boys are safe is what drove him to volunteer for deployment after deployment over the course of ten years. It’s also his way of coping with the stress of the war. Because of this, he made a lot of poor decisions when it came to his wife and family, leaving them behind, and shattering his wife’s heart over and over.

“I can’t give you what you want anymore, Trent.” Her gaze didn’t waiver from his. “Because I don’t have anything left. You broke me.” she whispered. “You finally broke me.” - Laura

Laura Davila has supported Trent’s military career for years, being the good military wife as she stayed home and raised the children. But when he almost died, he became more and more distant and cold, and the connection they used to have begins to fizzle out. Laura loves Trent but every time he leaves, he takes a piece of her heart. And for years, she’s been lonely and heart broken, missing Trent. Unable to deal with the distance anymore, she decides it’s time to let Trent go and move on with her life so she can mend her broken heart. Hearing about Trent’s court martial, she agrees to help Trent by pretending they are a happy couple, but with the stipulation he must sign the divorce papers. However, Trent has no plans of signing the papers. He’s determined to get his family back.

“A better man would walk away. Would release her from the purgatory of their sham of a marriage. But Trent wasn’t a better man.” - Trent

The more time Trent and Laura spend together, the more things start to heat up between them and Laura begins to realize her attraction and love for Trent never truly fizzled out, it just laid dormant. She loves him just as much as she did when she first met him. Though, before she gives this marriage another chance, she must make sure that Trent can truly stand by his word to be there for her and the kids. He must deal with his anxiety and mental exhaustion. He must learn to let Laura in when things become difficult for him. And he must learn how to deal with his children and become the father they’ve never had.

This story is told from both Laura and Trent’s POV and both of them tugged at my heart strings as I got to know them on a personal level. Laura is a strong mother with a patient and loving heart. She’s always been the rock in the family. And Trent, our beautifully broken hero, lost himself for a while but refused to give up on his family. I loved reading about this bad ass soldier who is deeply flawed and vulnerable underneath the tough fa├žade. And I loved reading how Trent reestablishes his connection with his kids.

I knew this story would be a heart-breaker when my eyes immediately began to blur the moment I started reading. It was obvious how much Trent and Laura loved each other. But there was so much distance and unspoken words between them that they had to find a way to communicate what they’re feeling and figure out how to get back the intense, deep connection they once had. They both had to take some really big steps and overcome the obstacles to save their marriage and rediscover the immense love they’ve always felt for each other. And when these two would make love it was beautiful, as they fell back in love over and over again through smoldering touches and fiery kisses.

Jessica Scott gave this married couple such realistic marital problems that I knew by the last page she had poured her heart into this story. I have much love for Back to You. I was blown away by all of the emotion and beauty in the words. This heartfelt story gutted me emotionally, yet all the pain and tears were well worth it as Jessica Scott took me on a memorable journey. This is my first book by Jessica Scott and definitely will not be my last. I’m going to go back to read the first two books in this series after meeting the other couples in this story. They were a lot of fun. This story can be read as a stand-alone.


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