Review: Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley


Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by Kristen Ashley
Forever (December 11, 2012)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Tyra Masters – Unemployed, Looking for a change 
Hero: Kane ‘Tack’ Allen – MC President, Bossy 





Tyra Masters is stuck in her ways, not really living life. When she decides to change that, she leaves behind the things that make her unhappy. One of which is her job. After being jobless for a while, Tyra answers an ad for an office manager gig at a custom bike shop owned by Chaos Motorcycle Club. To celebrate, Tyra goes to a party thrown by the MC and does something she’s never done before—she has a pretty hot one night stand with a motorcycle man. Who, Tyra believes, is her dream man.

Until he kicks her out of his bed and, the next day, she realizes he’s also her new boss. Kane ‘Tack’ Allen is not just rough around the edges but rough all over. He doesn't mince words or pretty things up. He doesn't need to. As the president, it’s his way or the highway. And one of his rules is that he doesn’t sleep with his employees. But when he tries to fire Tyra, she isn’t willing to give in.

"I do not work with bitches who've had my dick in their mouth."


Tack has no problem bringing out Tyra’s sassy, fiery side. Which isn’t so surprising considering how crass the man can be. Then he has to go and bring out his soft and sweet side, proving he’s definitely the kind of man who could drive a woman crazy. But not as crazy as what he can do to her in bed. Holy moly. How can you not be set on fire by Tack? Combine that foul mouth of his with his generosity between the sheets and, yeah, he’s one irresistible, bad ass motorcycle man.

But even though I can understand the madness Tack causes a lady to feel, Tyra’s penchant for bailing on him and their relationship was a bit annoying. Every single time things got tough, there she goes threatening to walk away. It took away from her character some, who I would’ve otherwise described as caring, devoted, and strong. She is all of those things but she’s also a bit fickle.

Motorcycle Man will give you a serious case of alpha overload. Ladies, you will get more than your daily dose of testosterone-laden man candy. And it’s so good that you can't help but devour it. So many people have described Kristen Ashley’s writing as crack and they’re right. Her hero’s are absolutely addictive.


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