Review: The Professional: Part 2 by Kresley Cole


The Professional: Part 2 (The Game Maker #1.2) by Kresley Cole
Pocket Star (January 6, 2014)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Natalie Porter – Grad Student, Adopted
Hero: Aleksandr Sevastyan – Fighter, Russian Mafiya





First off... Really? I mean, really really? It had to end there? No matter how much I hit the next page button, trying to force my Kindle to continue on, it really did end there. What. A. Tease! Okay, so maybe I don't mind a tease. Maybe I even like it, if it’s done right. And, trust me, this one was.

In The Professional: Part Two we see the glitz and glamour fall away. Sevastyan and Natalie are left with nothing but the harsh reality of their lives. Natalie quickly learns that being a mafiya princess isn't all fancy dinners, expensive gowns, and priceless jewels. Sometimes, it’s dangerous. Sometimes, it’s even deadly.

When Natalie and Sevastyan are forced to flee Russia, all bets are off. All rules go flying out the window. And the unpredictability of that... it makes for a situation that's even hotter than that stolen moment in the linen closet. If you thought part one was scorching, just you wait. A Sevastyan trying to reign in his basest desires is a pretty panty melting thing to behold.

And so are all the new things we learn about him. He is one tightly sealed package and I am right there with Natalie, wanting to peel away the layers. Get to know the man beneath the scars and tattoos. Because getting to know Sevastyan only makes me fall even harder for him. I am so glad Natalie is no shrinking violet because, if she were, she’d have given up on him by now. Instead she's a strong woman, more than capable of handling all of Sevastyan—and he is definitely more than a handful. Wink.

The Professional: Part Two increased the sensuality tenfold. On a Richter scale, part one would come in at an 8 and part two would definitely be a 9. You can bet I'm looking forward to part three and that off-the-charts hotness. It might just make panties across the globe spontaneously combust. Combine that with the added drama that Sevastyan and Natalie are forced to face and, well, it was seriously unputdownable.

Also, I have to say: I loved the subtle nod to one of Kresley’s first series, the MacCarrick Brothers. If you haven't read them yet and are a fan of sexy historical romances, you should give them a try. (And Kresley—your name is not a weird name!)

Favorite Quote:

"Grasp it."
I did.
"Stroke it. Learn it. My cock is the only one you'll ever need or know."
Enthralled, I put both my hands on him, pulling, masturbating him in front of the mirror. "Oh, God, Sevastyan..."
"If you want it back, then beg me for it."


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