Review: Rebel by Skye Jordan


Rebel (Renegades #2) by Skye Jordan
Cygnet Books (December 22, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Rubi Russo – Tech Guru, Abandonment issues
Hero: Wes Lawson – Stuntman, Bad Boy Sweetheart






Wes Lawson is the golden boy next door, a ‘bad boy’ stuntman who works for Jax Chamberlin at Renegades. Rubi Russo is an ex-supermodel-turned-tech-guru, who has abandonment issues or, better known as, daddy issues. She is convinced she’s not loveable and refuses to let anyone into her heart. Rubi and Wes have become very good friends over a couple of months; always together and playfully flirting with one another. The chemistry between them has always been strong and lately it’s become harder for them to resist each other. Wes usually goes for the ‘good girls’ and Rubi is far from his type. She’s a sassy and sexy brainiac that gives Wes a run for his money. He wants her BAD. But Wes is a commitment kind of guy, whereas Rubi doesn’t do relationships.

“Let’s make an arrangement so you can get on with your day. If you need or want sex, you come to me...
…and I’ll give it to you any way you want it, any way you need it.” - Wes

Despite Rubi’s trepidation when it comes to commitments, she sexually craves Wes yet won’t let herself give into her want. Then Wes offers Rubi a friends-with-benefits relationship. Rubi adamantly says no to him, unable to get past her fears. But the sexy temptation that is Wes Lawson is too hard to resist, so she decides to take a chance with him and a whirlwind sizzling affair begins. And the more time they spend entangled within one another, the stronger their feelings grow. Will Rubi finally give in to her feelings for Wes or will she let her fears and doubts hold her back from the man that she not only wants but most definitely needs in her life?

I really do like Rubi, even though I had some issues with her character. Her abandonment issues are understandable and touched me on a personal level. Though I have to say with the way she let her issues dictate her life was flat-out frustrating. One of the main things I didn’t care for is the way she dragged Wes around in circles. He proved himself to be dependable and trustworthy more than enough. And I found a lot of her inner turmoil to be repetitive and back to that word again - frustrating. Rubi was much easier to love the second half of the story. Wes showed her what it’s like to be with a trustworthy, strong, and reliable man. He also showed her what having a loving family is like. I loved Wes’ family. And I was happy to see all of the character growth Rubi had by the end. She still has issues, but she’s working on them.

Wes is our amazing hero and saving grace in this story. I adore him. He’s fun-loving, attentive, understanding, playful, gorgeous, and fiercely sexy in the bedroom. He made no bones about it - he was determined to have Rubi. Wes, with all his charm and persistence, slowly broke down Rubi’s defenses. She had no idea how to cope with what she was feeling for him but Wes never gave up on her while she tried to figure her shit out. No doubt about it, Wes has the patience of a saint and a beautiful heart.

Wes and Rubi had smoking hot chemistry from the moment they met. And I knew once that raging sexual tension was finally acted upon these two would be smoking hot x 100. I love it when I’m right. This book is titillating. SEX-AY. I will NEVER look at melted chocolate ice cream the same again. Can I get a Wes-chocolate-sundae please?

Skye Jordan’s writing is smart and fun with a lot of great moments and fabulous banter. Her characters are always well-fleshed out and written vividly. But sometimes too much description can bog down a book. I say this because some of the tech descriptions and conversations between Rubi and Wes really needed to be cut out. I get it; they’re both super smart, but it just made my eyes glaze over.

Skye Jordan has created a fun and sexy series that I’m having a good time reading. I have so much love for her bad boy stuntmen. And Wes is the kind of hero that will make your book boyfriend list. With its sweet romance, scorching sexy times, and tons of emotion in the words, Rebel is a recommended read. I’m excited for the next book in the series, Ricochet, comes out Winter 2014.


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