Twice as Nice: Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare


Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After #1) by Tessa Dare
Avon (January 28, 2014)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Isolde Goodnight – Orphan, England’s Sweetheart
Hero: Ransom William Dacre Vane – Recluse, Duke





Izzy Goodnight has been forced to spend her entire life acting like life is a fairytale when, for her, it has been anything but. Losing her father a year ago left her alone and near penniless. She’s been living on the kindness of her author father’s rabid fans. Even though Izzy knows there are no Prince Charmings, no knights in shining armor, and no happily ever afters, she can't help but have hope when a solicitor informs her that her godfather left her something in his will.

Which is how she ends up at Gostley Castle, home to the reclusive former rake, the Duke of Rothbury—Ransom William Dacre Vane. Who is not at all happy to have some temptress of a woman on his land, ruining his plans. His plans to molder and slowly fade away. Scarred and blinded, Ransom’s not looking for help. Or pity. He just wants to be left alone. And when the solicitor tells izzy that Gostley castle is hers, not his, he knows getting rid of her won't be easy.

Izzy and Ransom start out as two reluctant roommates. Neither one is willing to back down and concede defeat. While they try to figure out who the rightful owner is, they're forced to cohabitate. And things quickly become complicated and... filled with sexual tension. Izzy and Ransom were magical together. There was something so enthralling and almost fairytale like about their romance. How Izzy sees herself as plain, while Ransom thinks she's a temptress. How Ransom thinks he's beastly, while Izzy knows he’s roguishly handsome. I love how they each have these vulnerabilities that they reluctantly let each other see.

Ransom was such a swoon-worthy hero. Prickly and moody, surly and grumpy. Always using his blindness to keep people at a distance. Izzy was not going to let that stand. She comes barreling into his life and won't take no for an answer. Won't let him push her away. Both are such vulnerable characters, who find strength in each other and in themselves. Watching them reveal and discover each other was beyond romantic. They had me utterly captivated.

Romancing the Duke is dreamy and magical. The scarred hero is a weakness of mine and Ransom turned me into mush. I fell for him almost immediately, bad behavior and all. And Izzy is my kind of heroine—strong, resilient, and determined. She could wallow in self-pity but she never does. Combine these two beautiful characters with an old, dilapidated castle and more than a few crazy hijinks (some involving a wily ermine) and this book was unputdownable.


Favorite Quote:

“Listen to me. When a man wakes, he wakes wanting. He wakes hard and rude and aching with need.” He shifted, pressing his erection against her hip. “Do you feel that?”
She gasped. “Yes.”
“It wants in you,” he said.
“In…in me.”
“Yes. In you. Hard, deep, fast, and completely. Now don’t wake me at this hour again unless you’ve found the perfect retort to that.”
She didn’t answer.


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