Review: Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan


Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan
Mia Sheridan (January 25, 2014 )

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Bree Prescott – Traumatized, Compassionate
Hero: Archer Hale – Mute, Recluse





This is my first book by Mia Sheridan and I’m highly impressed with her gorgeous, captivating writing style. The reason I picked up this book is because I had heard great things about it on some of my favorite blogs. Plus, I really just wanted to meet our wounded, reclusive, virgin hero, Archer. I do love virgin heroes.

Bree Prescott has suffered a horrible tragedy and needed to get away. She impulsively jumped in her car, with her dog, and drove to a random small town in Maine where she rents a small cottage, gets a job at a local diner, and meets some friends. Going to a small town was her way of finding peace and the inner healing she desperately needed. Little did she know a man with spellbinding, whiskey colored eyes would change her life the day she drops her groceries on the ground and he helps her pick them up.

Archer is mute, resulting from an incident that happened when he was just seven years old. Because he doesn’t speak and was raised by his uncle (now deceased), who was slightly crazy and suffering from PTSD, he became a loner and isolated himself from the world, living on his land and rarely coming to town. The town people view him as strange and ignorant, never making any attempt to get to know this beautiful and smart man. Archer is also harboring dark secrets from his childhood that haunt him every day.

Something about Archer Hale intrigued me - something I couldn’t put my finger on. Something that went beyond the fact that he couldn’t hear or speak and that I was intimately acquainted with that particular disability.

Archer is a mystery to Bree – a mystery she is intrigued by. Every day she goes to the lake to swim she stops by his house to hang out and every day Archer looks forward to her visits. Most of the story is Bree and Archer spending time getting to know one another. Bree knows sign language since someone close to her was deaf. Her ability to sign made it easier for her and Archer to connect and form a deep bond that grows and changes the more time they spend together.

They are both very attracted to one another and the heat between them continues to ratchet up every day. And man, does Sheridan know how to write some fiery sexual tension. I couldn’t wait for these two to jump each other’s bones. But because of Archer’s inexperience with women, he was shy and timid when it came to feelings and sex. Bree is a straight-forward woman and wasn’t afraid to teach him how to be a good lover.

I know you like my hands in your hair. Show me other ways you like to be touched. Teach me what you like,” he said.

Their sexual chemistry rages hot. I loved reading as Archer reacts to his lust and desire for Bree; discovering what pleases him and what pleases her was all new to him but he caught on quickly. *wink* What I loved the most is how the intimacy between them was not only hot but also deeply touching.

Archer is one of the most beautifully wounded, complex, and memorable heroes I’ve read in a while. One of the things that stood out to me the most about him is his sensitivity and intense love for Bree. Not to mention he’s smoking hot with an understated alpha side. Archer made me weak in the knees. And Bree is a pretty darn awesome heroine. It was easy to fall in love with her. With her compassion, understanding, and patience she is the perfect heroine for Archer. She helps Archer with his transformation as he finds his voice in a world he thought he didn’t belong in. Archer, in turn, helps Bree liberate herself from the fears that made her afraid to live her life. These two together squeezed my heart.

“I lost my heart to you. And, Bree, in case you're wondering, I don't ever want it back.”

(*happy sigh*)

The main conflict of the story is driven by the other Hales in the town. One of the characters introduced in the story is Archer’s cousin, Travis Hale. Archer and Travis have never had a close relationship. Travis thinks Archer is a freak and doesn’t understand him. Travis is the gorgeous playboy all the women want a piece of. But Bree didn’t want him. She wanted Archer. And this proved to be a challenge for Travis, so he caused drama through manipulating Archer. You also learn about Archer’s secrets and complicated past that include his mother, uncle, and father. This is a sad tale of jealousy, addiction, love, and abuse.

I will have to admit there are some moments in the book I thought were overly mushy and the characters came across as a bit young and cheesy. However, I truly did love this highly emotional, thought-provoking, sweet and romantic story. It’s nothing like I’ve read before and it’s one of those books that will stay with you. I can’t wait to go back and start this series from the beginning. I highly recommend this one.


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