Review: Façade by Nyrae Dawn


Facade (Games #2) by Nyrae Dawn
Contemporary / New Adult 
Forever (July 2, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Delaney Cross – Guilty, Making Amends
Hero: Adrian Westfall – Broken, Always Pretending




Delaney Cross has a guilty conscious. Not that what she feels guilty for is at all her fault but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to fix everyone her father’s mistake touched. And she’s made it her mission to find the last person involved and help him, in any way she can. What she doesn't expect is for him to unknowingly help her.

Adrian Westfall is broken almost beyond repair. There is so much guilt inside him. Adrian uses drugs and alcohol to keep the memories away. Of course, there’s also the women that help him feel better for a few hours. Which is what he wants from Delaney when they meet. Except she isn't like the others and doesn't give in to his flirtations. Which forces him to seek her out. Makes him pursue her.

There was no way this story couldn't tug on my heart. Both Adrian and Delaney had the same tragedy rip their lives apart—exposing every part of their lives for the ugliness they really were. And since Delaney's dad was the catalyst, the one who wrecked two families lives, Delaney wants to atone for her father’s sins. Let the drama and heartbreak begin.

Poor Adrian. Poor Delaney. The secrets and lies made it feel like a train wreck you couldn’t avoid. You saw it coming and couldn’t stop it. Adrian and Delaney have a sweet romance with a very complicated history. There is so much pain inside them both. And yet they're the only balm to each others souls. It was distressingly beautiful. And, okay, Adrian is a practiced seducer who had me hooked from page one. It’s hard not to fall for the broken ones. Delaney didn’t stand a chance against his charms.

Adrian truly was the star of this book. I’ve never read a hero quite like him. His pain is almost manic in its intensity and it really grabs you by the throat. He’s so broken he’s almost destroyed. His pain is so tangible. How could I not fall for him? Feel for him? It was impossible not to. He’s a hero I won’t soon forget.

Façade was my first book by Nyrae Dawn and it won't be my last. She has a great writing voice and draws you into these dark, sad worlds filled with characters you want so badly to find happiness. Façade was emotional and deep. It did feel repetitive at times though and there was a lot of internal dialogue versus external... but, overall, a very solid story. Now I need to go back and read Charade!


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