Review: Ignite by R.J. Lewis


Ignite (Ignite #1) by R.J. Lewis
Contemporary / New Adult 
R.J. Lewis (January 12, 2014 )

Rating: B
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Sara Nolan – Damaged, Selfish 
Hero: Jaxon Barlow – Angry, Life Long Crush





Sara Nolan was neglected by her alcoholic parents and bullied at school. She never wanted to be at home and school offered her no sanctuary. Until Jaxson Barlow stood up for her at school and made the bully go away. From then on, with Sara eight and Jaxson ten, the two were inseparable. Best friends—and only best friends.

When things finally did change.between them, their happiness together was short lived. Because, quite frankly, Sara goes batshit crazy. From that point on, I literally hated her character. Hated her. She was mean, cruel, and abusive. I get why, with her childhood, that’d she'd have some issues—namely anger issues—but it was Jaxson she was hurting.

Jaxson. The boy who saved her. The boy who took her home to his mom, who then helped raise her. The boy who grew into a man and never once hurt her. He always kept her safe. So, when he’s exposing his heart to her, bleeding for her practically, and she verbally and physically attacks him... yeah, i hated her.

When things fast forward five years, Sara was still on my shit list. Even after getting help, I did not want to forgive and forget. When her and Jax reunite, I couldn’t blame him for not forgiving her either. But that didn’t stop me from crying for Sara. And Jax. And the entire effed up situation.

“Slow down,” I repeated in his mouth.
“Fuck no,” he groaned.
“You’re hurting me.”
“Good.” Why did I find that so fucking hot? I tugged hard on his wet hair like he was tugging mine. Wanting him to feel what he was doing to me.”

God, these two. I don’t honestly know if I want them together or not. When they're bad, it’s really bad. And the gang world Jax gets himself involved in? It’s definitely not good either. There isn’t a lot of good between these two. And, honestly, it was hard to come back from hating the heroine... but somehow i managed to.

Story aside, the vernacular was odd at times. Can’t say I’m a fan at all of the term ‘bikies’. It just sounds juvenile. Also, there were more than a few grammatical errors. Some easy to overlook. Others, not so much.

Ignite was dramatic, angsty, and emotional. It was also very bleak at times. And, yes, it does end in a cliffhanger. Which is not a big deal now that the second book is out. Not sure how I feel about the introduction of a love triangle at the end. Especially since I might (at this point) like him better than Jax. But I’m pretty sure it’s Jax for Sara, so... Moving on to the second book, Burn! Can’t wait to see what drama these two can stir up next.


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