Review: Raw by Belle Aurora


Raw by Belle Aurora
Dark / Erotica
Belle Aurora (January 2, 2014)

Rating: B++
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Alexa Ballentine – Social Worker, Stalked 
Hero: Twitch – Depraved, Stalker





That ending! What the heck is that ending? I don't have words... for the feelings... that ending mad me feel. Argh. How can Belle Aurora do that to me? That’s just plain mean.

That said – do NOT skip to the end and read it first. Seriously. I’m guilty of doing that myself but, in this case, you’ll be mad at yourself if you do. You’ll ruin the suspense and the build-up of emotions. So, don’t do it!

Alexa Ballentine, a social worker used to working with troubled youths, had a bad childhood herself but managed to beat the odds when she found her foster mom. As an adult, things have been great for Lexi. Good job, great friends. The only thing missing is love. Who knew it'd be her stalker she falls for? But, when her stalker ends up saving her from a horrific situation, she can't help but feel safe. Safe with her stalker.

Twitch, stalker extraordinaire, is damaged and broken. A villainous hero to the core. There truly aren’t too many redeeming qualities about him. He's bad, he does bad things, and he knows it. Stalking is the least of his offenses. Which should make him unlovable and repulsive. But, just like Alexa, I was drawn to him. Ensnared by his darkness.

Ensnared by his kinky proclivities. The man is dark. His desires are depraved. And Lexi, though scared by her reactions to his needs, is also a bit depraved. Twitch makes her crave the things he craves. My belly didn't know whether to clench in horror or in lust. Or a strange mixture of both. Twitch... You’ll hate and love him.

Even with that disclaimer (“This is not a love story. This is a story of love gone wrong.”), my romance junkie heart still had hope. And at times it would soar and at others it would plummet. And though I would say that love does happen in this story... it really does go wrong. Often. Repeatedly.

Raw was suspenseful, dramatic, and disturbingly erotic. It kept me on the edge of my seat, gripping my kindle tight. It was, in one word, intense. And it captivated me like a train wreck. I couldn’t force myself to look away even if I wanted to. I just... wish... there was going to be a second book? A second epilogue? Something!


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