Review: LoveLines by S. Walden


LoveLines (The Wilmington Saga #1) by S. Walden
Penny Press (March 23, 2014)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Bailey Mitchell – OCD, Fun
Hero: Reece Powell – Creative, Naughty





“Thirty-one rocks. Thirty-one disastrous relationships. Thirty-one years lonely.”

Bailey Mitchel, at 31, lives alone, works as a proofreader, and has been consumed by her OCD for most of her life. This isn’t just your average ‘I must eat my french fries before my burger’ OCD. Her OCD is real. It’s the kind that debilitates her – controls her. She counts her steps, counts her brush strokes, overly organized, and schedule-bound. She’s exhausted by these tics and these examples are just the tip of the ice burg. If Bailey gets too anxious, her tics come out full force. She has worked hard to keep her tics under control for years, but she still has a long ways to go. The worst part is how often she’s had her heart broken when her OCD becomes too much for the men she’s dated. So she has settled with being alone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have hope to find that special someone who can love and accept her for all of her quirks and tics.

Reece Powell just started his new advertising job when Bailey bops into his life with her cigarette pants and ‘just so’ ponytail. The moment he sees her he’s instantly smitten and sparks fly between them. Bailey finds Reece’s charm and rugged good looks irresistible but, at the same time, is hesitant to get involved with him, fearing he would not be able to handle her OCD. However, Reece isn’t like the other men Bailey has dated in the past. Reece actually finds Bailey’s tics to be sexy.

As they start spending time with each other, the more Bailey realizes she can’t resist Reece anymore and they start dating. Together they form a beautiful, sweet, and steamy relationship that builds beautifully as the story continues.

I loved Reece as our hero. He never tried to fix Bailey’s tics. He just wanted to love her. He has his own issues and insecurities because he grew up in foster homes. He wants someone who he can finally call ‘home.’ He sees ‘home’ in Bailey. Reece is such a GREAT guy. I mean, seriously, the man is nearly perfect. To say I was completely swooning over Reece is an understatement. I wanted to climb the man like a tree and kiss him for all of his patience and understanding and love for Bailey. *happy sigh*

"I fell in love with you because of you. I like your quirky ways. You how many times I got myself off thinking about your ‘just so’ ponytail? You how fucking weird that is?”– Reece

Bailey is such a loveable and fun heroine. Her OCD sets her apart from other heroines, which makes her such a captivating character. I couldn’t help but love all her tics and flaws. She’s so interesting and genuine and spunky. I totally understood why Reece fell head over heels in love with her. She’s a breath of fresh air. She does have her own insecurities. She doesn’t feel normal and fears Reece could leave her once he sees all the ugly that comes with OCD. But Reece shows Bailey exactly how much he loves her – tics and all. He makes her feel free and forget all about her OCD. Have I mentioned how much I love Reece!? *melts*

“What was this man doing to me? He made forget that I was tic-bound, schedule-bound, urge-bound. He made me feel like I was breaking free, even as my hands were securely fastened to the headboard.”

Bailey and Reece are freaking adorable together! They mesh well in such a way that they complement and complete each other perfectly. It was easy to connect with this relationship right from the start. Not to mention they have incredibly hot chemistry together. The first kiss between them made my insides all warm and tingly, but when Reece’s controlling and domineering naughty side comes out during the sexy times… holy smoldering hotness, I melted!

Of course, this relationship was not perfect. Things become complicated between them when Bailey’s life suddenly changes and she starts to crumble. Which means Bailey and Reece’s relationship is put through the emotional wringer as their journey takes a turn they didn’t expect. But they do get their happy ending – a very happy ending that made me my heart smile.

But aside from Bailey and Reece, I loved all of the secondary characters in this story. All of them are well-developed and brought more depth to the story. Bailey’s dad has a special place in my heart.

Lovelines is a smart, fun, sexy romantic comedy. This book made me laugh and smile so much I’m pretty sure I had a perma-grin for most of the story. Ah, and the romantic moments turned my insides to mush, especially with a swoon-worthy hero like Reece. There is some angst, some sadness, but mostly, this book made me feel good. Summer Walden has an incredible writing skill that is so different from the many books being released today. I love how she can go from writing a dark story about a teenage girl on a path of vengeance in Going Under, to writing about a forbidden student-teacher romance in Good, and then take us on a funny and romantic journey about a woman with OCD and a man who loves her no matter how flawed she may be in Lovelines. I truly had a good time reading this book from beginning to end.


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