Review: Seduced By Fire by Tara Sue Me


Seduced By Fire (Partners in Play #1) by Tara Sue Me
NAL (March 4, 2014)

Rating: C
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Julie Masterson – Florist, Possibly Submissive
Hero: Daniel Covington – Billionaire, Dominant





Julie Masterson is a florist who owns her own shop with her best friend Sasha. Julie’s single but not really looking, since no one seems to do it for her. Sex has been pretty lackluster lately, so why bother. But when Daniel Covington walks in, in his sexy suit with those piercing eyes, to buy flowers for his niece... Well, that's an irresistible combination. Until Sasha warns Julie that Daniel really isn't her type.

Daniel happens to disagree. Even though he's a Dom and an experienced one at that, who knows it wouldn't work long term with a vanilla woman, something about Julie draws him in.

These two... Well, I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of the newbie sub heroine for one reason and one reason only: introducing her to bdsm is tedious and redundant. Anyone who picks this or a similar book up most likely knows the basics. If you don't want readers trying it at home without the proper safety precautions, put a disclaimer at the front of the book or something. I don't need or want a bdsm primer each time a new series starts.

That made it hard for me to really engage in the story. The sex scenes between them felt similar each time and pretty basic at that. Which isn't to say I didn't like Julie or Daniel, or them together. Daniel is a Dom with a big heart and a lot of care for his sub. Julie and her safety always come first. And I did like that, while dominant, he was never disrespectful or domineering. Plus, all of the side characters were well written and engaging. (I hope that both Sasha and Dena get their own book.)

Seduced by Fire is sexy, if not adventurous. Though there is conflict and it felt realistic—and an issue that doesn't often come up in a bdsm romance, for the most part it felt tame. I would've also liked if Daniel wasn't quite that perfect of a hero. He could've at least snored or hogged the covers or something. That said, I think if our next couples are both experienced with bsdm, I'll enjoy their story more than this one.


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