Review: Undone by Rebecca Shea


Undone (Unbreakable #2) by Rebecca Shea
Rebecca Shea (February 19, 2014)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Reagan Sinclair – Doctor, Compassionate
Hero: Landon Christianson – Cop, Emotionally Wounded  





Landon was first introduced in the first book of the Unbreakable series, Unbreakable, where he becomes friends with Jess, the heroine, and helps her heal and mend herself back together again. I was sad for Landon at the end of Unbreakable but very happy to find out he was getting his own story. You can read both Unbreakable and Undone as a stand-alone. However, I personally think reading these books in order is a better reading experience. This story is told from both Landon and Reagan’s POV.

Landon, our sexy and confident yet broken and complicated hero, works as a cop with his partner and best friend, Matt, in North Carolina. His goal is to work his way up to become a detective. He works hard and plays even harder. He loves women but he never sleeps with a woman more than once, never letting them kiss him, and definitely never making any emotional connection to them. Landon is a damaged, untrustful, emotional mess because of the horrible things he endured growing up.

Besides Matt, his sister Lindsay is the only other person in his life he loves and trusts the most. He would do anything for her. They've only had each other for years and the bond they share is fiercely strong. I love these two. They made me laugh and smile and even cry. And I love how Lindsay is the voice of reason for Landon when he needs someone to keep him in line.

But things change in one moment when Landon and Matt are sent out on a call to a bar called Mac’s where Landon sees a beautiful woman working as a waitress. The moment he saw her he was immediately drawn to her and he knew he must go back to the bar to meet this woman who makes his head spin with lust and desire.

Something in the pit of my stomach is telling me this girl is dangerous-she's beautiful, confident, and smart-a dangerous combination.- Landon

Reagan, our beautiful, feisty, and compassionate yet vulnerable heroine, works part-time at her uncle’s bar part-time, but she’s actually an OB/GYN doctor. Upon meeting Landon for the first time, she resists giving him her number or going out with him. We learn later it’s because Reagan has been badly hurt by someone in the past and she's just not ready to date anyone. She proves to be challenge for Landon but he's persistant and and ends up talking her into to having a breakfast date with him the next day.

As they get to know one another, Reagan learns of Landon's rules about women. She refuses to be another notch on his bed post. So, even with the fiery and lusty chemistry between them, they both agree to be just friends. And end up developing a beautiful friendship with strong feelings towards each other. But they can't stop 'things' from happening between them. And Landon ends up breaking all his rules for Reagan, wanting and craving to be with her all the time.

“I’m going to break my rules for you, Reagan,” I whisper in her ear. “Rule number one. I never fuck the same woman twice. Rule number two. I don’t kiss women,” I say, pressing a gentle kiss to the side of her cheek. I turn her around gently by the shoulders, positioning her in front of me. With the tilt of her chin, I kiss her. Softly and gently, I kiss her, succumbing to the feel of her soft lips on mine.

Reagan and Landon’s journey is not an easy one. They both have dark secrets that make them afraid to love and trust. The things both of them went through in their lives are heart breaking. However, what Landon suffered growing up was more than just heart breaking is was soul-crushing. Landon struggles emotionally to let Reagan in for a good portion of the story. But meeting Reagan was exactly what he needed in his life to mend his wounded soul and find happiness. And I loved Reagan's willingness to never give up on Landon, even when he tries to push her away.

“Let me love you, let me care for you - let me love you.” - Lindsay

Even with the darker themes of this story, there is also a lot sweet and fun times. There is some great banter between them that made me smile and laugh. They also have such great sexual chemistry together, which made for some incredibly hot sexy times. Landon has a dominant side to him that got me all hot and bothered as these two burned up the sheets.

While I think this is a solid story, the amount of drama made the storyline feel busy and, at times, over-the-top. Plus, the inner dialogue felt a bit repetitive. But, with that said, the emotional connection between these two was enough oomph for me to really enjoy the book.

Landon and Reagan’s love story is good one - but it certainly was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster as they struggle with love, emotional turmoil, secrets, and forgiveness. I rooted for this couple the entire way, especially as Rebecca Shea kept throwing big obstacles, making their happy ending something they must fight hard for. This author has a great writing voice and I’m looking forward to reading Lindsay’s story next in Unforgiven.


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