Review: Somewhere I’ll Find You by Lisa Kleypas


Somewhere I'll Find You (Capitol Theatre) by Lisa Kleypas
Historical / Georgian
2009-10-13 (HarperCollins)

Rating: C
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Julia Wentworth – Actress, Mistaken Identity
Hero: Damon Savage – Marquess, Betrothed
Setting: England



This book... I adore, to the n'th degree, most of Kleypas' books. Out of the 15 I've read to date, I've only thought two were okay. And this book is one of those two.

It isn't the theatre aspect that I didn't care for. That was a spin on HR that I haven't read before and it was interesting. Overall, the problem with this book was believability. We're supposed to believe in a marriage between 4 and 7 year olds? When they themselves repeatedly say it wouldn't hold up to any legal scrutiny? It was just absurd.

Another absurd aspect is how quickly the characters fall in love. After one dinner together, the next time they see each other they fall into bed - and then Julia believes herself in love with Damon. Though not enough to stay "married" or even talk and reach a compromise on her continuing acting in the theatre. No, no, no. She loves him enough to void the sham marriage and then marry someone else so that Damon will forever leave her alone.

And Damon believes he was in love with her from the very start. Before they even talked.
I'm not a hard sell on love in HRs... But this was asking way too much.

And other than the back and forth love me/leave me - nothing else really happens plot-wise. It took me three days to finish this book and, truly, I almost had to force myself to.

Kleypas has written magical, romantic novels with fun and quirky characters... Some of my all-time favorite HRs... But this one falls way short of the others. I might still give the next Capital Theatre book (Logan Scott's) a try though. He kept and grabbed my attention throughout, and I'm curious what kind of woman could make him fall in love with something other than the Capital.

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8.0% - "Started this a while ago but set it down to read a few new releases... In the mood for a Kleypas romance!"


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