One Night Stand: About Last Night by Ruthie Knox


About Last Night by Ruthie Knox
2012-06-11 (Random House)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Cath Talarico – Artist, Banker 
Hero: Nev Chamberlain – Free Spirit, History Lover 
Setting: England



I immediately felt connected to these two characters in the story. Cath is an interesting and free spirited woman who has tried for two years to live her life as a new person or as she calls herself "New Cath." She has made mistakes in her past that she is trying to learn from and not make the same mistakes again. In order for her to not forget who she once was, she has tattooed her biggest mistakes on her body. I love how these tattoos play out as a big part of the story. She has moved to England, found a job that she wants to make into a career and is living a simple life until she meets Nev. Her new mistake.

Nev...SWOON! He is sexy and smart and has an adorable dimple. He and Cath couldn't be any more opposite. Cath is from Chicago and has had a hard life while Nev was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, Nev is not without his own problems and secrets. He lives his life as expected by his family. A respected, well-dressed, well-mannered banker. He is afraid to walk away from his priorities to his family while dreaming of being a free spirited artist.

When Cath and Nev come together, the sexual chemistry is combustible. And wow! The sexy times are HOT! Cath doesn't want to admit they're dating and Nev just lets her believe they aren't even though they spend a lot of time together. Cath is afraid of emotional intimacy and Nev wants more than just intimacy in the bedroom. I love how Nev never downplayed Cath's issues or problems nor does he push her to let him in. He patiently breaks down Cath's walls by letting her tell him little bits and pieces of her life one day at a time. Nev is a clever man in how he handles Cath with care.

“She’d arrived locked down, but when he kissed her she swung open, so smoothly and easily he could almost forget she’d been otherwise. She was an enigma, this woman. Bold and reticent, passionate and distant. Open and shut. Completely fascinating.”

The journey these two take is beautiful. This love story is well-written and one you won't want to put down. My biggest complaint is that the story is too short. I wanted to read MORE of this story that had me laughing and crying.

About Last Night is one of my favorite contemporaries I've read this year. This is a new author to me and I loved this book so much I decided to go back and read Ruthie Knox's other book Ride with Me.

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