Quickie: A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James


A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James
Historical / Regency
2010-07-09 (HarperCollins)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Kate Daltry – Lady, Orphan 
Hero: Gabriel Albrecht-Frederick William von Aschenberg – Prince, Betrothed
Setting: England



This is such a romantic and delightful take on a classic fairy tale... Where the godmother is witty and wonderful, and no less magical for not actually being a fairy. Where the stepsister is sweet and caring, and not really a step at all. Where the stepmother is, well, there is no helping her. She is still wicked and greedy. But I adored - nay, loved - how Miz James made each larger-than-life character so very real.

As I have come to find is usually true in an Eloisa James novel, the relationship between Kate and Gabriel is a slow burn. But, oh, does it burn! And smolder. Which is perhaps my favorite type of H/h relationship, where there is history and friendship and compassion to go along with the heat and temptation and passion. And there is passion aplenty – including one long, drawn out scene that was... well, I actually cried during it.

And the ending. It did make my heart flutter. It was silly and cute and the perfect way to end it. So far, I have loved both books in the Fairy Tales series to pieces – this and When Beauty Tamed the Beast. Though this one does have a more fantastical aspect to it.

Favorite Quote:

And she would never, ever forget the moment when a prince knelt at the side of her chair. When she was old and gray, and contemplating a life that she hoped would be richly satisfying, she would still remember this.
"If I were not a prince, would have me?" He said it so low that she almost didn't hear. "To put it another way, if you had thousands of pounds, Kate, would you buy me?"


Thoughts While Reading:

N/A... Too busy devouring it!


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