One Night Stand: At Last by Jill Shalvis


At Last (Lucky Harbor) by Jill Shalvis
2012-06-26 (Forever)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Amy Michaels – Artist, Waitress 
Hero: Matt Bowers – Rock Climber, Forest Ranger 
Setting: Washington, USA



I will read a Lucky Harbor book by Jill Shalvis any day. This is my favorite contemporary romance series to boot! They are the most delightful, funny, and sexy reads that leave me feeling all mushy inside. After devouring the first four books of the series, I’ve been highly curious about Amy Michaels and Ranger Hot Buns, Matt Bowers since reading Lucky in Love.

Amy is a strong and sassy heroine with a big heart. She's made mistakes growing up and survived being a teenage runaway. Following her grandmother’s journal to Lucky Harbor, she is looking for hope, heart, and peace her grandmother once found a long time ago.

Matt Bowers is a to-die-for hero...carefree, laid back, and easy on the eyes. He is a former Navy and Chicago Swat officer. When an incident on the job causes him to lose everything, he moves his life to Lucky Harbor to find peace.

Matt and Amy have been circling each other for months until one day Amy gets lost in the woods and Matt rescues her. When they are forced to stay over night in the woods because a tree has fallen and blocked the road, they find themselves no longer able to resist the sexual attraction they have for each other.

I love the chemistry build up between these two. It's hot enough to ignite the pages.

He looked her over, making her every nerve ending tingle with awareness, though his gaze was more inquisitive than sexual, as if making sure she was okay, though she had no idea why she wouldn't be.

Then he smiled, and oh, how her misbehaving nipples loved that predatory smile. If his intense, concerned once-over had done things to her, his smile just about undid her from the inside out.

This is such a sweet story about finding yourself. These two people are wounded. They both fight becoming too emotionally involved with one another. They have so many trust issues and hurts that they struggle to let go of their past mistakes. And watching both characters become unraveled by there strong feelings is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

This series would not be complete without the charismatic side characters. You have Lucille who is a seventy something, nosey lady who knows anything and everything about the residents in Lucky Harbor and then posts it all on Facebook. Amy, Mallory (Lucky in Love), and Grace (Forever and a Day)have formed a friendship and meet once a week where they bond over chocolate.Then you have the bromance between Matt, Ty, and Josh. They work out together, climb together, and look out for one another. Not to mention all the other characters from books one through three that sometimes make an appearance. I feel so at home with the Lucky Harbor residents.

I am crazy in love with the Lucky Harbor series. These books always make me smile and laugh. You don’t want to At Last. It’s another great edition to this adorable and sexy series.

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