Review: Unwound by Lorelei James


Unwound (Mastered #2) by Lorelei James
NAL (March 25, 2014)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Amery Hardwick – Wholesome, Trusting
Hero: Ronin Black – Mysterious, Sensei 





When Bound ended, the tears were streaming down my face. The things we learned about Ronin, the way it made Amery feel... You just knew it wouldn't be easy for them to get back together. Ronin would need to make more than a few changes.

And he does. Oh, he does. Our mysterious Master Black is well worth the trouble. Well worth the wait. I loved all that's revealed about him and the way he wins Amery back. If only it didn't come at his own expense. Not that Amery playing nurse didn't lead to some seriously sexy romps—because, let me tell you, it did. It also showed a vulnerable side of Ronin that we hadn't seen before.

Which is the opposite of Amery. Now she's locked her feelings down tight and become as secretive as Ronin was. Which, though I understood why she’d be wary, it didn't make me like it. I’m not a fan of secrets or withholding things that would be better out in the open. Especially the silly things Amery decided not to share. The minute she didn’t tell Ronin, you knew it’d come back to bite her.

Although I loved seeing a new side of Ronin, the first half of this one started slow. Lots of making up, lots of groveling. And a lot of Black Arts business deals. I can't say I was that interested in how Black Arts was going to expand, what classes they were going to add, or their new promotions business. It didn't really spark or capture my interest, which made the story’s pace drag as a lot of page time is dedicated to just that.

Unwound had the same intense chemistry as the first book, if a bit less kinky. I missed the fierceness of Ronin’s character but I loved all the new sides of him revealed. And, unlike with Bound, Unwound was full of drama outside of Ronin and Amery's relationship. These two attract the drama like lint on velvet. It was one thing after the next. Which did have me longing for the singular drama of the first book—how it focused solely on Ronin and Amery—but, at the same time, I loved getting to know the side characters better. I really hope Miz James plans on writing more books in this series for Shiori, Knox, Molly, and Deacon...


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