One Night Stand: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones


Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson) by Darynda Jones
Urban Fantasy
St. Martin's Press (October 30, 2012)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Charley Davidson – Private Investigator, Grim Reaper 
Hero: Reyes Farrow – Mysterious, Son of Satan 
Setting: New Mexico, USA


***There may be some minor spoilers.****

Only two things in life are certain. Guess which one I am.--Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet exceeded my expectations. Way exceeded them! Charley Davidson has a heart of gold and is one of the most wittiest and entertaining heroines in an Urban Fantasy series I've read to date. You gotta love a girl who names her boobs Will Robinson and Danger!

Charley Davidson is a hot mess. After the betrayal by her father and Reyes, and being tortured, in Third Grave Dead Ahead, for two months, Charley has been hiding from the world. Her coping mechanism is to buy random products on late night shopping channels. She has bought so much stuff that her apartment is filled up with boxes. One corner of her apartment in particular is cover with them, an area which has become known as Area 51. Suffering from PTSD, Charley is broken, vulnerable, and afraid. A side to Charley we've never seen before. Cookie, Charley's best friend, decides she's had enough and intervenes on Charley's behalf by kicking Charley out of her apartment and cancelling her credit cards. Trying to get her life back together, Charley begins by taking a case for a woman named Harper who thinks someone is trying to kill her.

Unfortunately, Charley is broke and needs money quickly. Her plan is to get Reyes to pay her for the case she took for him. A case in which Reyes used Charley as bait in order to catch Earl Walker and prove his innocence. This is the same man who abused Reyes as a child and tortured Charley. Even though Charley feels betrayed by what Reyes did to her, she is not going to let these feelings get in her way. Reyes is going to pay her. So Charley hunts him down, where he is cage fighting in a warehouse, and proceeds to hand him an invoice for her services on a taco receipt for one million dollars. *snorts* And this is just the beginning of a rockin' good time with Charley Davidson.

Charley and Reyes' relationship reaches a whole new level in this story. They finally spend some much needed personal time together and actually get to know each other. I especially enjoyed the bantering and the hot chemistry that smoldered the pages.

"This bed is really hard." I said, boxing my pillow and wiggling for a more comfortable position, which was not easy with Margaret [Charley's gun] hogging the bed.
"You should straddle me. I'm harder"

Oh, Reyes...bad boy of the century—dark, unpredictable, and incredibly sexy. Reyes has been a huge mystery most of the series, which causes me to crave page time with him. And when he walks onto the pages, I get all hot and bothered. The man is fine!

For several books, Ms. Jones has kept us on pins and needles begging to know more about Reyes and Charley. And in this book, lots of things are revealed. We learn more about Charley's powers and what she can do. We learn where she comes from and her purpose. We also learn what "Dutch" means. Finally!

All the secondary characters in this series hold a special place in my heart. Cookie, with her quick wit and kindness, always backs Charley up whenever she needs her. She is a great sidekick, best friend. She also really came through for Charley this time by kicking her butt into gear when Charley was sitting around feeling sorry for herself. And Ubie, Charley's uncle, is always a fun character. He unconditionally loves Charley and believes in her. He always has her back with the police when unexplainable things happen in Charlie's presence. And then you have Cookie's daughter, Amber. She made me cry in this book with her raw honesty towards Reyes. I think that might be one of my most favorite scenes when she "thanks" him for always protecting Charley. It's a scene that you won't want to miss.

Charley definitely had her hands full with demons, bank robbers, Harper's case, Reyes, her father, and dealing with her PTSD. There are several exciting twists and turns that had me turning the pages as fast as I could. And I highly enjoyed the mystery behind Harper—never saw that one coming.

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is an exciting, crazy, emotional, and fantastic book. And my new favorite book in the series! Don't miss this one!

Thoughts While Reading:

Page 259 - "Finally "virginia" got some action!"
Page 275 - "OH Noooooooo!"


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