One Night Stand: The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst


The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionaire) by Jennifer Probst
Entangled Select (November 6, 2012)

Rating: C+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Carina Conte – Artist, Italian 
Hero: Maximus Gray – Businessman, Italian 
Setting: New York, USA



Max has been best friends with Carina’s brother, Michael, since childhood. When they were teenagers, Carina formed a crush on Max but he never gave her the time of day. Now, Carina is all grown up, determined to move on from Max and experience life. She’s earned her MBA and is ready to work at La Dolce Maggie, the family business that has become America’s fastest-growing bakery empire. And to get the best training possible, Michael thinks Max would be a good person for Carina to assist while she is learning the ropes of the business.

Carina Conte is a smart and savvy woman who is ready to take life by the reigns, explore her sexuality, and be the woman she has always wanted to be without her family suffocating her. And being a twenty-something virgin has become very annoying to Carina. She’s ready to date and discover what she’s been missing. Carina is also confused. She thinks she wants to be a part of the family business but her heart is telling her to pursue her art. Not only that, she is doing everything in her power to avoid her feelings for Max but, working side by side with him is not easy. And as she tries to move on and explore the woman that is screaming to come out, Max tries to hold her back. He becomes possessive and annoys the hell out of Carina when she just wants to live her life. A life that does not include obsessing over a man who has obviously made it clear there is nothing between them.

Maximus Gray is one sexy alpha-male. But he has issues with commitment. The women he dates are not women he is compatible with, so it’s easier for him to not get attached. His issues stem from his father, the man who left him when he was just a boy. The only family he has is his mother and the Conte’s, who took them in as family when he was a boy. So, all his life he’s only seen Carina as a little sister until the day she comes walking into his office, sashaying her hips, and wearing her four inch stilettos that make him notice Carina is no longer a girl but a woman. However, his best friend’s sister is off-limits and he is determined to stay away from her, because he thinks she deserves better than him.

When these two are sent to Las Vegas for a conference, they find themselves unable to avoid their attraction any longer. And Max is unable to let Carina go and find what she is looking for with anyone else.

“I am the big bad wolf, sweetheart. Now get your ass up to your room.”

She didn’t move. “Why now?”

He squeezed his eyes shut to deny the truth, but she deserved more. When he finally opened his eyes, he let her see it all. “Because I want you. I’ve always wanted you, Carina. I don’t deserve you, or this night, but the idea of another man touching you makes me want to beat the shit out of him.”

These two spend the night together, thinking it will only be one night of hot and passionate sex (Yes, yes it was HOT!), to get it out of their system and then move on with their lives. However, they didn’t foresee their lives changing so drastically because of one night of lust and passion.

This was a good story but I think I would’ve liked this one more if the author spent more time with the couple while married. It would’ve added more depth to the story to see their struggles while adjusting to marriage. I would have liked to see Max fight harder, maybe grovel a little, to show how much he really did care for Carina.

Overall, I did enjoy The Marriage Mistake. It’s a cute, light, feel-good book that would be fun to read on the beach. Or something that would help me come down from a heavy, emotional book.

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