Quickie: Awaken the Curse by Alexa Egan


Awaken the Curse by Alexa Egan
Paranormal / Historical
2012-11-20 (Pocket Star)

Rating: C
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Katherine Lacey – Other, Father’s Missing
Hero: James Farraday – Other, Scholarly
Setting: England



When an old professor, who happens to be his ex-lovers father, writes James for help interpreting runes on an obelisk (think phallic shaped monument), James can't help but go. Apart for five years, his feelings for Katherine haven't changed. And he’ll use any excuse to see her again. His arrival does not please Katherine, however. Due to a miscommunication, a big misunderstanding, both feel hurt by what did and didn't happen between them years ago. When Katherine’s father goes missing, feared dead, they must work together to figure out the runes.

As far as prequels go, openers for a new series, I think Awaken the Curse did a pretty good job introducing a new world. The inner workings, the paranormal aspects, weren’t crystal clear at first and took some time to figure out, but by the end I had a good understanding of what to expect in Demon’s Curse. I enjoyed the use of magic, the way that Miz Egan writes it, it was incredibly descriptive and imaginative. And the supernatural characters in the series have a unique twist—there are the Others (descendants of Fae) and the Imnada (shape shifters). I love me some fae, so thumbs up on that!

My only true complaint is with the heroine. I wish that Katherine would actually stop and think. It was infuriating how knee-jerk her actions were. And even though her instincts were correct, it’s no excuse. She literally hurt James and then never even apologized. She thought she killed him and didn’t really feel a twinge of remorse. I didn't understand her emotions, her feelings, for James at all. She felt cold. And, when her father tells her what love is, what it can make you do, my first thought was: ‘Well, that pretty much proves she doesn't love him.’

Awaken the Curse has a lot going for it, and I'm still excited for Demon's Curse... but the heroine totally sunk this novella for me.

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