Twice as Nice: Letitia’s Take on Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire


Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Contemporary / Mature YA
2012-07-12 (Atria Books)

Rating: B
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Abby Abernathy – College Student, Starting Over 
Hero: Travis Maddox – College Student, Underestimated 
Setting: USA



Beautiful Disaster or Hot Mess? Either one totally describes the hero and heroine of this tale… And might be slight understatements. Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox are two screwed up kids, either way. And Beautiful Disaster is their story. It will wrap you up in its drama and chaos and utter madness until you are completely consumed by their obsessive romance.

Abby Abernathy knows who Travis Maddox is. There isn’t a single person, male or female, on campus who hasn’t heard of him. His reputation as a fierce underground fighter is almost as well known as his reputation as a ladies man. Travis Maddox—the quintessential love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. And when Abby blips on his radar – after he sprays his opponents blood all over her – she couldn’t be less pleased (by his attention, not the blood). But Travis isn’t what he seems and Abby can’t help but want to be around him.

Travis realizes that Abby isn’t like all of the other girls on campus (ie not falling immediately into bed with him). In fact, she almost seems put off by him. And he can’t stop himself from trying to win her over. From trying to find out what she’s hiding behind her shield of respectable cardigans. And, after she looses a bet to him, he has the perfect opportunity—she has to become his roommate for a month.

Abby and Travis are f’ed up. These two have faults and problems and issues out the ying-yang—too numerous to even attempt to list. Co-dependent? Completely. Fear of commitment? Definitely. Anger issues that make the Hulk look normal? Unequivocally. Watching these two try to make it work is like watching oil try to mix with water—impossible unless you keep shaking them up.

And if this weren’t fiction, it would be just as frustrating and futile an effort. But this is fiction and there is a HEA. Which, though not the best or most realistic ending I’ve ever read, was greatly appreciated—otherwise I may have thrown my Kindle across the room. Or, more likely, gently set it down and then thrown something less precious…

Beautiful Disaster is young love at its worst. Obsessive romance at its most poignant. This book is like literary crack—hard to quit and full of highs and lows. When they’re good, you’re ecstatic and your belly is full of butterflies. When they’re bad, you’re pissed and your belly has turned to lead. Be prepared to experience the good and bad as often as a teenager experiences mood swings!


Favorite Quote:

"Abs? What are you, a workout video?" he sneered.
"Pigeon?" I said with the same amount of disdain. "An annoying bird that craps all over the sidewalk?"
"You like Pigeon," he said defensively. "It's a dove, an attractive girl, a winning card in poker, take your pick. You're my Pigeon."


Thoughts While Reading:

13.0% - "My first Mature YA. Not bad so far!"
42.0% - "Not... liking... Abby right now!"
79% - This is one of the most frustrating and depressing stories that you just can't quit reading!

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