Review: Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill


Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill
Contemporary / Erotica
2012-06-20 (Ellora’s Cave)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Marcie Moira – Life Long Crush, Submissive
Hero: Ben O’Callahan – Lawyer, Dominant
Setting: Louisiana, USA



First off, it must be said: This book does not play at BDSM. While kink can take all forms, this one is extreme to n’th degree. This couple is engaged in a 24/7, Master/slave relationship that requires the heroine to submit absolutely. This is a “no limits” couple that employs edgeplay and CNC (consensual non-consent). There is also lots of anal sex, two brief ménages (f/f/f/f and m/m/m/m/m/f), and a variety of bondage. That said, this book won’t appeal to everyone. You’ve been forewarned.


The Knights of the Board Room, a tightknit group of five men who all work at Kensington & Associates, have hardcore tastes and desires. All of the men are Dominates living the BDSM lifestyle, and each one has found his permanent submissive. Except for Ben, the lone wolf, whose tastes are extreme even by the other men’s standards.

Marcie, the sister of one of the K&A men’s subs, has known since she was sixteen years old that she belonged to Ben. She has spent seven years preparing herself, mentally and physically, to be his sub. And now all she has to do is get him to see her as a woman, no longer a girl, and get him to accept her as his slave. In order to do so, she’s going to have to top from the bottom. Push his buttons and push them hard. Which won’t be easy for her, as she is a natural submissive whose one desire is to submit to Ben O’Callahan.

Ben, from the very first, is coarse and crass. His words and his actions are sharp as blades, and he wields them both with dangerous results. Some might find him to be unlikeable, and I’ll admit he takes churlishness to the max, but I fell for him as easily as Marcie. I mean, there are men who are masculine… and then there is Ben. The man is just filled to the brim with alpha goodness, my lord. He makes me think of all these ridiculous words, like virile and potent and robust. And when you combine that with his other facets, the ones buried deep and protected under a thick skin, he is nigh irresistible.

Together, Ben and Marcie are like the perfect storm. These two really had their work cut out for them. And it was such an interesting dynamic to watch her, the submissive, be the pursuer in this relationship. It really showcased the strength that it takes to be a sub. Marci really has to follow her heart and trust her gut when it came to building a relationship with Ben. And, for Ben's part, he really has to let go of the mental road blocks—get over issues and move past the past. It made for a very heavy, intense relationship that engages you and makes you invest in their outcome.

And I loved the humor that Miz Hill manages to weave in throughout. Adding lightness and levity to what could of otherwise been simply a turbulent and emotional rollercoaster ride. You never expect the funny, but when she hits you with it—it is hilarious and timed just right.

“Whoever the intern is, she’s probably top of her class.” [Peter]
”Great. She knows her way around a stack of books. Doesn’t mean a fucking thing in the real world.” [Ben]
Turning, Ben saw Janet, their CEO’s imperious admin, standing in the doorway  of the office.
”Since I and everyone else can hear you,” she said coolly, “your finished contract is on your desk. The baby intern scaled the walls of her crib and spent most of the weekend getting up to speed on the negotiations with Senecorp so you’d have it first thing this morning. You’ll find her sucking her thumb at Alice’s desk. I’ve given her a handful of Cheerios to keep her happy. I trust you’ll handle any diaper changing personally.”

Hostile Takeover squeezes your heart, tugs on your belly, and captivates your mind. It manages to be erotic while also having substance. Miz Hill really sets the bar for this genre. This was my first foray into the world of the Knights of the Board Room, as well as my first novel by Miz Hill, and my impressions of both are fantastic. Blew away all my expectations and then exceeded them. Novels like this one only elevate the standards, raise the bar, for good erotica.

Favorite Quote:

“Thank you, Noah.” Ben nodded. “I’d like an extra service, please.”
“Anything, Mr. O’Callahan.”
Ben turned his attention to Marcie. Instinct had her lowering her gaze instead of locking with his. When his next words came, she was glad for it.
”I want you to go down on my companion here, under the tablecloth. If she comes within three minutes, there’s a hundred-dollar tip in it for you.”


Thoughts While Reading:

4.0% - "Whew, is it just me or is the sexual tension set to high already?"
29.0% - "Oh. My. Ow."
58.0% - "Deep breaths. Argh. What is wrong with you, Ben???"
68.0% - "Now you really f'ed up, Ben."


  1. FAB REVIEW! I can't wait to start this. I'm ready to be scandalized!

  2. Letitia, this was awesome. I'm fought through three full edits on this story, and you made ME want to go back and read it again (laughter). Seriously, thank you for such a thought-provoking, interesting and just plain fun-to-read review. This was a delight. And though of course I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for taking the time to read the book and share your thoughts either way.

  3. Would thoroughly recommend this and the four other books in the Knights of the Boardroom series.Each Knight has a different way of being a Dom and things can get quite hot especially when they all get together.

  4. Letitia, I couldn't have said it better!! I just love the Knights of the Boardroom. The one thing I would recommend is to read all the series in order. This way you get the whole emotional/spiritual/sensual/sexual picture. Each of the Five Doms are amazing and each of thier stories help set the picture for Ben O'Callahan's story. Although it can be read as kind of a stand alone.

    When I read the books I got bits and pieces of Ben's story. I was a little worried about his character because he was a little closed off and so extreme. Reading Hostile Takeover Ben's whole story was finally told and he really opened his heart. He also opened, broke and stole my heart.

    Marcie also did quite a bit of growing during this wild ride. The strength and tenacity it took to fight for what she wanted was unbelievable. Marcie is a great addition to the Women of the Knights!

    Just in case you do want to read this series in order here is the list.
    Board Resolution - Matt
    Controlled Response - Lucas
    Honor Bound - Peter
    Afterlife - Jon


  5. Miz Hill - You are a million times welcome! Meant every word. There should definitely be an Erotic category for RITAs. And Hostile Takeover should be the inaugural winner!!

    Jilly - I am definitely going to read the previous four! Looking forward to Lucas the most, I think. :)

    Terry - I think Hostile Takeover worked great as a standalone, but I do want to read the first four. For Ben's backstory as well as just for those Knights & their women's stories. I've read the vignettes that Miz Hill has put on her forum. Ben & Celeste's was great. I see on Amazon that Controlled Response will be released on its own Apr 3 of next year. Pretty excited for that!

  6. Letitia, just a quick update for you and your readers - Controlled Response AND Honor Bound (books 2 & 3 of the series) became available in standalone ebook format in all the usual places on February 5. The Knights have been doing so well the publisher decided to move the schedule up from April. Hooray! Hope you enjoy them as much as HT. And thanks for those very kind words about the RITA. Not sure if either of us will live long enough to see an erotic romance category in the RITAs, but as long as the readers are enjoying these books, that's what matters most to me! (grin)


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