One Night Stand: Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller


Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller
2012-07-31 (Harlequin)

Rating: C+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Kendra Shepard – Mother, Real Estate Agent 
Hero: Hutch Carmody – Ranch Owner, Cowboy 
Setting: Montana, USA



Big Sky Mountain is the second book in The Swoon-Worthy Cowboy series. I was in the mood for a sexy cowboy and some small town lovin’. And that’s what I got!

Hutch and Kendra aren’t new to the attraction they have for one another. They used to be a couple many years ago. But Kendra had doubts about Hutch committing to her and Hutch never communicated how he truly felt about Kendra. So when Kendra walked away from their relationship and married another man, Hutch let her go.

The story opens up with Hutch standing at the alter, about to get married, but realizes (although a little late) he is about to make the biggest mistake of his life and calls off the wedding leaving behind an angry bride. After the non-wedding incident, for the first time in a long time, Hutch and Kendra see each other at Hutch’s brother Slade’s house. Kendra is now single again but she has a new love in her life and it’s not a man. She has adopted her late husband’s daughter, Madison. Kendra wants to raise Madison the best way she knows how and cannot afford to get involved with Hutch, so she tries to avoid him at all cost. But can she keep her charming and full-of-life daughter from falling in love with “the cowboy man?”

Madison is definitely a scene stealer. She’s a charmer and she charmed a horse right out of Hutch. Oh, and the cowgirl boots scene was just precious! I really liked Kendra. She has a no-nonsense but sweet personality and was a wonderful mother to Madison. I especially loved Madison’s dog/side kick, Daisy, who brought a little extra something special to the story.

My first thoughts when reading about Hutch is that he is the bad-boy that no woman can tame. But what I got instead is a reformed bad-boy who is confident, genuine, and mature and wants to settle down but with the right woman. The right woman is the woman that got away, Kendra.

This is a sweet story about second chances. The love between Kendra and Hutch never went away it just grew and matured into something even more special.

This is my first book by Linda Lael Miller and won’t be my last. I plan to go back and read Big Sky Country since there were times I felt like I had missed out on Hutch and Kendra’s history together. I also want to read Joslyn and Slade’s story since they made such a large appearance in this book.

If I was to gripe, I would say the story wrapped up a little too tidy and I wish we got more page time with Kendra and Hutch alone. I wanted to see them rekindle the relationship more. The conclusion also felt rushed.

All in all, I really did like this story. I hope I get the opportunity to review the next installment, Big Sky River. I want to read Boone’s story and see this broken man be happy again.

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