One Night Stand: The Wild Ones by M. Leighton


The Wild Ones by M. Leighton
Mature YA / Contemporary
2012-07-30 (M. Leighton)

Rating: B- / C+ 
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Cami Hines – Rich, Business Major 
Hero: Patrick Henley – Horse Whisperer / Vet Major 
Setting: USA



The Wild Ones is a Mature Young Adult romance with a sexy cowboy added to the mix. With that said, I had to read it obviously. What can I say? I’m a sucker for drama-filled young love and cowboys. This is a great story about two people who have all the odds working against them in order to be together.

When Patrick “Trick” Henley’s father’s insurance money runs out, his mother needed help at home. Going home meant leaving college and putting his dream of becoming a Veterinarian on hold. Family comes first. In order to help with bills and hopefully save money to go back to school, Trick works as a horse trainer on a thoroughbred ranch owned by John Hines. What Trick wasn’t expecting is to fall for his boss’ daughter, Cami Hines.

From the moment Trick walked onto the pages using his charming pick up line, “Pick 'treat'. Please, for the love of God, pick 'treat',” I fell hard for this delicious cowboy. He’s extremely self-assured and smart. Loves horses and is described as a horse whisperer. Don’t think he’s perfect yet? Well, he also sings and plays the guitar.

“Do you want to hear me play? I promise your panties are safe.”

All warnings instantly forgotten, I think to myself that I don’t want my panties to be safe from him. I want him to tear them off. With his teeth!”

The moment Trick spills a beer on Cami’s shirt one night in a bar, sparks were flying and lust was in the air.

“Trick looks up and his eyes meet mine. I am a deer caught in the headlights. I am a girl charmed by the cobra. I am breathless and mesmerized. And then he grins. Just like that, I'm his. Whether he knows it or not.”

Cami is rich, beautiful, and spunky. She may be rich, but she doesn’t come from money. She remembers living a less lavish lifestyle, which keeps her more grounded as a person. She has a great best friend and the perfect boyfriend. But something is missing in her life, even though from the outside it seems she has it all. When she meets Trick, she realizes that he brought to the surface feelings she’s never felt for her boyfriend or anyone else. Thoughts of Trick swirl around in her mind and take it over. She can’t seem to forget him. He makes her feel alive, exuberant, and she wants him.

The first half of the book these two try their best not to submit to their attraction towards one another. Cami wants Trick but knows she should stay loyal to her boyfriend. Trick wants Cami but his job and family are priority. There are so many moments between these two where the sexual tension was so thick that I thought the pages would explode. I was anxious for these two to quit being so stubborn and get it on already. I really should have been concerned about Cami having a boyfriend, but I never really cared about the arrogant, money hungry, dildo head. So I was jumping for joy when Cami came to her senses and dumped his butt. I never really understood why she stayed with him anyway. When these two finally abandoned all reservations for why they couldn’t be together, they crash in to one another with lips, hands, teeth, clothes are flying off…it was sexy until we didn’t get a full sex scene. I was bummed. But the author did make up for it later in the book.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters. Jenny, Cami’s BFF, is wild and outgoing. She helped push Cami into Trick’s arms. And then there is Rusty, Trick’s friend. I liked Rusty. He’s comes highly recommended as a car mechanic where he restores and fixes old cars. He has a cool and charming personality that Jenny was unable to resist. This fun and flirty couple brought fun and excitement to the story.

I love a great love story of star-crossed lovers. Seeing these two overcome obstacles to be together was exciting and a joy to read. This book has it all. There is sexual tension, drama, angst, witty banter, and secrets. I was floored by the deep dark secret that came crashing down on this young couple’s heads. The twist in the plot was shocking and heartbreaking. I never saw it coming.

Even though I did enjoy this story, there are a few things that bothered me. The mother, who plays an important role in the family drama, doesn’t really appear until later in the story. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know Cami’s mother existed until the big secret is exposed. There was no ending resolution with Trick’s car – what happened to it? Did he ever find out who bought it? The other question I have is what about college? Did they both drop out? Did Trick ever become a Veterinarian? There are a lot of unanswered questions that left holes in the plot. The ending felt a little rushed and an epilogue would’ve helped with solving some of these questions I have.

Overall, I thought this story was great and has some really great moments. I liked it enough to read it in one day! This is my first book by M. Leighton and I will be checking her out again.

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