Review: A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia Day


A Hunger So Wild: A Renegade Angels Novel by Sylvia Day 
2012-07-03 (Signet)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Vashti – Vampire/Fallen, Widow
Hero: Elijah Reynolds – Alpha, Lycan
Setting: USA



A Hunger So Wild is the second book (there are two novellas preceding it as well) in the Renegade Angels series. This is my first foray into this dark world Miz Day has created. I have concluded that while this story will make sense as a standalone, you are simply missing too much overall to truly enjoy and appreciate the book on its own. Keep that in my when considering my opinion, since I am reviewing it as a standalone.

Vashti, the right hand of the leader of the Fallen—angels who fell from grace, lost their wings and souls, and are now vampires—has lost her mate and fellow Fallen, Charron. His death caused Vashti to loose the tenuous hold she had on her sanity. The last sixty years she has spent in warrior mode. A killing machine without mercy, her only goal to find her mate’s killers and avenge him.

Elijah Reynolds, the reluctant leader of the lycans—defenders of the Sentinels (angels) and marshals of the Fallen’s minions (turned vampires)—has been framed for Charron’s murder. Vashti has tortured and killed to get to him. That is, until the Fallen need his aid more than Vashti needs her vengeance. Forced to work together, it is quickly uncovered that many things—including Charron’s murder—are not what they seem. Someone is working to manipulate all the factions. To what ends, no one knows.

This is where things are not as clear as they may have been, if I had read the previous installments. There is an overall arc of betrayal and espionage and bio warfare that is weaved throughout the series. I could gather the gist of it but I’m definitely looking forward to starting it from the beginning. There are rogues and spies in each faction—Fallen, Sentinels, and Lycans. And there is the spread of a virus that only affects the vampires, turning them into wraith-like beings. Miz Day has created drama and intrigue and mystery that peaked my curiosity and kept me interested.

The romance between Vashti and Elijah was rough and earthy and impassioned to a feverish degree. These two don’t simmer, they explode. It is all or nothing, zero to sixty. I loved how Vashti, the second on the Fallen’s totem pole, became pliant and submissive to Elijah. And the way Elijah topped her, while managing to be tender and compassionate at the same time—that is the way an alpha should be. All of that power combined with innate gentleness.

My only complaint is the end… One minute the progress that Vashti and Elijah made in their relationship is about to reach its pinnacle—the, er, climax of their will we, can we, should we, screw everyone else let’s do this!—then it changes to another point of view and just… ends. What!? I flipped my kindle over, staring blankly at the back, wondering if somehow my ebook was missing pages? I gather that Vashti and Elijah will show up in the next book, as the previous couple had more than one appearance in this book, but… No! I want the scene on the airplane to take place in this book. I don’t want to wait for that.



A Hunger So Wild is an unusual and inventive take on angels and vampires and werewolves. Their creation, the hierarchies, the relationships between all the factions, it made for a very complex and fascinating world that was easy to become captivated with. I really, really need to find the time to devour A Touch of Crimson (#1), as well as the novellas A Dark Kiss of Rapture (#0.5) – which is currently free – and A Caress of Wings (#1.5).

Favorite Quote:

She scowled and blocked the view from the house with her body. “Put your damn fur back on before Himeko comes out here.”
“For fuck’s sake. Nudity doesn’t automatically equate to sex in a lycan’s mind.”
“She’s female. In case you hadn’t noticed, they drool all over you when you’re clothed. When you’re like this”—she gestured at his body with an impatient wave of her hand—“you’re asking to be molested.”


Thoughts While Reading:

23.0% – "Enjoying this spin on vamps, weres, and angels. And its sexy too!"
65.0% – “Shutting doors in another's face is apparently an emotional kryptonite of mine. Sadness."


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