Quickie: Mirrorlight by Jill Myles


Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel) by Jill Myles 
Contemporary w/ a touch of Paranormal 
2012-02-05 (Jill Myles)

Rating: C
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Cora Grames – In a rut, Stuck in Modern Times
Hero: Arik Beachamp – In a mirror, Stuck in Medieval Times
Setting: England



This novella is short. Very short. Amazon says it is 53 pages. As one might expect with a story so short, there isn’t much (if any at all) character development and the romance is almost instantaneous. I can give it a pass on those two things. I mean, really, if I had a hunky medieval warlord making bedroom eyes at me in my mirror every night, I’d probably lift tail pretty quickly too.

What I didn’t like was Cora’s aunt. She was… ridiculous. First, she allows a niece she’s never met to castle-sit for her. Then, when she comes home early to find said niece has made a bit of a mess in the gift shop, she looses her shit. Screaming and shrieking ensues. She throws her niece out on her ass. Seriously? Her entire character’s presence was unnecessary, annoying, and added nothing to the story (but did take a lot away).

Could’ve used less crazy aunt tirades, more mirror make-out scenes. The highlight of this tale is any and every scene that involved Cora, Arik, and the mirror. It was a magical combination that I really enjoyed.

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