Review: Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha


Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha
Erotica / Dystopian 
2012-09-15 (Kit Rocha)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Noelle Cunningham – Ex-citizen of Eden, Innocent
Hero: Jasper McCray – Gang member, Protective
Setting: Sector Four, outside of Eden

A three chapter excerpt is available here on the author’s site!



This story has the usual m/f as well as f/f, m/f/m, and m/f/f/m… or is it m/f/m/f... not sure, but no m/m in the ménages. There is also exhibitionism, bondage and elements of D/s but it has an organic feel that matches the world and setting.


Yes. This book… Hell yes. Beyond Shame is sinfully sexy combined with dark and edgy. A combination that thrills your senses and keeps you squirming in your seat. And it is so incredibly delectable you can’t help but devour it quickly—which makes a reread practically a requirement. That way, the next time you read it… you can take it nice and slow

Ahem. Sorry, my mind drifted back to this scene that included a particularly creative use for strands of pearls... *fans myself* And, now we’re moving on...

Beyond Shame takes place in a dystopian world—a world that has been ravaged by solar flares and is now broken up into the idyllic city of Eden and the gang-riddled sectors that surround it. I don't generally gravitate toward dystopian settings unless there is a unique twist or a convincing reason for why the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Beyond Shame meets both of those requirements. While it did take some time to get a firm hold on it all, once I did, I was hooked. It is such a complex and intricate society, written with such forethought and detail, that it easily became a real place in my mind. And it really was the perfect backdrop for this extensive cast of unique and colorful and… lustful characters.

The first character we meet, Noelle Cunningham, makes quite the entrance. Thrown out of Eden, she is alone and at the complete mercy of everyone else. Luckily, one of the first people she stumbles into is Jasper McCray. Not willing to leave her to the wolves, Jasper brings her back to his gang, the O’Kane gang, and essentially gives her a fighting chance at survival. Which won’t be easy as Noelle is terribly naïve and clueless when it comes to this new world, with its unfamiliar rules, that she’s been thrust into.

And, with Jasper’s possessive stares and gentle yet firm touches, it’s no wonder Noelle immediately feels safe with him. Which, in turn, brings out a very protective side in Jasper. As the bleeding heart of the O’Kane gang, he endures more than his fair share of ribbing for taking Noelle in but he simply takes it all in stride. Probably because, even though he tries to fight it, there is something between him and Noelle that flares up immediately. He can’t help but be drawn to her.

Also undeniably drawn to Noelle is Lex. Lex is feisty and sexual and pretty much everything Noelle wishes she could be. Lex quickly becomes Noelle’s best friend, always there for her, helping Noelle get her footing and figure things out. More than friends, Lex and Noelle become confidantes and… playmates. I loved the way these two women grew to care for each other.

Really, I loved the way all of the women in the gang care for each other and aren’t catty in any way. Every single one is willing to help and offer Noelle advice. It’s nice to have female characters who are truly there for each other—no backstabbing or bitch fights.

And the men in the gang—holy f'ing alpha hotness. Muscular and covered in tattoos, constantly working out their issues in cage matches… It really doesn't get any hotter than that. The O’Kane gang is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of yummy alpha goodness. You can’t help but want to eat them up! Seriously. You'll want to have a little nibble on Dallas, maybe get your lick on with Ace... Definitely use your teeth with Bren, he'd probably like that. And, of course, gorge yourself on Jasper. Miz Rocha has done a fine job creating such a wicked and sexy cast.

The character development in this book was spot on as well. I love how Noelle goes from feeling helpless and useless to empowered and able to truly own herself. And Jasper is right there with her, encouraging her and trying to give her the distance he thinks she needs to discover who she is outside of Eden. It made for this sort of teasing, fast then slow then fast again, kind of pacing in their relationship. And a little teasing is never a bad thing.

Beyond Shame satisfies a craving like the most delicious of desserts. A sweet treat that’s decadent and rich and offers all of the pleasure with none of the guilt (or calories). Miz Rocha isn’t afraid to give us what we really, really want either: the nitty-gritty, down and dirty, details. And I thank her for that—profusely!

*On a side note… I feel I must implore—beg and plead, if necessary—for Miz Rocha to give us the marking scene! Noelle, Jasper, and Ace… Wow, it’d be blazing hot to read! Please give it to us!

Favorite Quote:

She kept shuddering even after he stilled, whimpering every time an aftershock shivered through her. Her lips moved, mumbling the same hoarse sounds over and over. “Oh, God…oh my God.”
Jasper let her legs down and rolled so that Noelle was on top of him. Her hair spilled across his shoulders as she panted openmouthed against his chest, every breath out accompanied by a twitch of her hips.
”Shh.” Words were for other things, things that didn’t matter just yet. Right here, right now, they didn’t need anything else.


Thoughts While Reading:

40.0% - "Don't want to stop reading!"
61.0% - "HAD to read a bit more! Now, bedtime."
100.0% - "G'damn. That was sexy. Want the next book now, not next year!"


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