One Night Stand: Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde


Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding, #1) by K.A. Linde
K.A. Linde (July 29, 2012)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Alexa Walsh – Cheater, Law School 
Hero: Jack Howard – Cheater, Businessman 
Setting: Georgia and New York, USA



Avoiding Commitment completely and utterly exhausted me mentally and emotionally. It's one of those books where you will love and hate the characters. My thoughts and feelings were all over the place. I suppose you could say that I was along for a ride I never even imagined. Yes, I knew going into this book it was full of angst and drama but I never expected to feel so much anger towards the two main characters: Lexi and Jack. I also felt a lot of empathy for their situation. If anyone has ever been in a "sort of" relationship, then you know how exhausting and confusing it can be. I've been there. But reading it was harder to do. You have no power over the actions of these characters. They make so many mistakes that not only hurt themselves, but the people around them. I screamed and growled at my Kindle like that would actually help. If there was one word I could sum this story up as, it would be dysfunctional.

After not speaking to Jack for almost two years, Lexi receives a phone call from him asking her to come meet the woman he is dating and could possibly marry. He wants Lexi to try and convince Bekah that he can commit. To Lexi's astonishment, she can't believe Jack is asking her to do this after everything they've been through for six years. So she tells Jack she needs to think about it. With a little nudge from her friend Chyna, she decides it's time for some closure. And this might be the best way to get it so she can move on from Jack Howard.

When Lexi and Jack see each for the first time, it's like old times again. They are immediately drawn to each other as usual. And all the old lust and desire Lexi has repressed comes back full force. Did she really think she could move on after all these years? With their history together, saying no to one another has never been possible.
This story is written in third person, switching from past to present settings, revealing to us how this relationship was formed and shows us how it develops into this lust-crazed, emotional, dysfunctional, deceptive, non-relationship.

Jack and Lexi have a complicated relationship to say the least. They have never been in a committed relationship. But they have always loved each other since the beginning. Yet the opportunity to be together has never been right between them. Either one or the other or both were in a relationship. And in the beginning they would refrain from cheating and be friends. Because being friends was better than nothing. But one fateful night, when things spiral out of control, they took the relationship from being friends to lovers.

“I did those things because of my lack of control. When you touch me Jack, I completely succumb to you. I give into your every whim.”

Lexi was always the other woman. I've never wanted to shake and slap a person more in my life. Her addiction to Jack was completely overwhelming. She started off strong, tried doing the right thing, but her attraction to Jack was borderline obsession. No man measured up to Jack. And the cheating came so easily to her since it was with Jack. It was frustrating and heartbreaking to see Lexi constantly go back to Jack over and over. I was baffled by her constant state of denial and her belief that Jack was the only man for her. If he was the only one for her, and he felt the same, why did he not commit to her? While Lexi was to blame for this situation as well as Jack, I found myself caring about Lexi. I wanted nothing more for her than to move on and get away from Jack.

Jack—the manipulator, womanizer, liar. I never warmed up to him or trusted him. I saw right through him from the very beginning. I always had a sick, sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach when it came to him. But I could see how Lexi fell for his sweet and tender side. I could understand her strong attraction to him. He's the man that is within arm's reach but she could never really have. He's the one that got away. But did she ever really have him? He never asked her to commit to him. And because Lexi never asked for a commitment, a small part of me felt torn over Jack even though I never truly trusted him. You could tell that he defined Lexi as the one girl he could always have and still date his ideal perfect woman. And Lexi did not fall into that category.

Every time these two would come together, you never knew what would happen. But you always knew someone outside of their 'Jack and Lexi world' was going to get hurt. They became comfortable with the way they were together. But, at some point, I had to ask myself why was I reading this story. The characters were whiny, selfish, and disrespectful. Ms. Linde made me crave to see what happens with these characters. I felt addicted to this story. I was consumed by this couple, yet I hated them at the same time. The author kept me guessing the entire way. I had no idea where she was taking the story. And I had to know.

When the mysterious, sexy Ramsey came into the picture, I did a little happy dance. I was smitten with him right away. Team Ramsey! I hope that he is the one that will finally give Lexi the happy ending she deserves. The only problem with this, Ramsey is Bekah's brother, Jack's current girlfriend. Oh, what a sticky web Ms. Linde has woven.

And Lexi had to deal with that fact. She had to deal with knowing that he hadn't chosen her. He didn't want her.

The ending rocked. I never thought I would be applauding the villain for shedding a light on what Lexi needed to finally hear and see for her to come to her senses. Lexi finally gets some closure. I really hope Lexi sticks to her guns this time.

Do I recommend this story? Yes. I know there are readers who loved Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C. Stephens as much as I did. (BTW, I love that Lexi was wearing a D-Bags T-Shirt!) And if you love those stories, this book is for you. I find myself addicted to these types of stories loaded with drama and angst. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. These characters have stayed with me a day later. And I can't stop thinking about how this story ended. I'm dying to find out what happens in Avoiding Responsibility.


Thoughts While Reading:

10.0% - "Oh boy... Jack is sniffing Lexi, not a good sign. Or is it!?"
33.0% - "Gah! I can't tell if I love or hate these characters. What's even worse...jack reminds me of this guy I dated in college. Ugh."
48.0% - "Ok, I have no idea how my update status got deleted. I will try this again.... Lexi girl, you are so busted!"
59.0% - "What.The.Hell is wrong with you Lexi! Get a freaking clue already! The book is crack. Yep, crack. That's the only way I know how to explain why I can't stop reading. My head just might explode from all the drama!"
100.0% - "Wow. I am mentally exhausted. The ending rocked! I can tell these crazy ass characters are going to stick with me until I can finally read book 2."


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