One Night Stand: Exquisite by Ella Frank


Exquisite (Exquisite Series) by Ella Frank
Ella Frank (October 8, 2012)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Lena O’Donnell – Doctor, Prickly 
Hero: Mason Langley – Restaurant Owner, Charming
Setting: Illinois, USA



When Ella Frank asked me to review her debut book, I was more than excited. Sexy and charming hero? A tortured heroine? I was completely sold. Exquisite is a heady mix of witty humor, sizzling romance, and a great plot that kept me enthralled from beginning to end.

For nine years, Lena O'Donnell has been grieving and living with guilt over her sister’s death. She was driving, with her baby sister riding in the car, when another car hit them and killed her sister. She has shut herself off from the world. She has no personal relationships besides her very good friend Shelley and her pediatric patients. She's overworked and in dire need of a social life.

One day while Lena is working, she gets a flower delivery. She refuses to accept the flowers knowing they are from her parents, urging her to visit her sister's grave. She hasn't been back to the cemetery since the funeral. Because of her overwhelming guilt, she doesn’t think she deserves to be happy.

However, Mason Langley, delivery man, is not taking no for an answer. He is doing his mother a favor by delivering the flowers and refuses to leave the doctor's office until the flowers are delivered to Lena. What he didn't expect is to be confronted by an angry, prickly woman who throws insults like grenades.

Mason Langley is the owner of a very successful and popular restaurant, Exquisite. After his encounter with the doctor, he never thought he would see that pain in the rear woman ever again. Yet he can’t seem to get her off his mind. When she comes into his restaurant one night for a work function, it amuses Mason to poke and prod the stuffy doctor until he gets a rise out of her. With a little bit of blackmail and coercing, he talks the good doctor into going on a date with him.

"I find myself feeling things with you that I haven't ever felt before. I feel edgier, more intense. You make me want to strangle you and in the next minute throw you over my shoulder."

Let me start off by saying, Lena is very prickly. The stick up her behind at the beginning of the story is wedged pretty tight. Because Lena is on the defense with Mason, right from the beginning, these two have a very rocky start. They infuriate each other. But they are also wildly attracted to one another. Mason wants to get to know this buttoned up, uptight woman who challenges him. There is something about her that he can’t seem to shake. Which is baffling to Mason because he’s not used to women insulting him, putting him in his place. He’s used to women being charmed by his good looks and personality. But the roles have turned. Mason finds himself pursuing Lena – wanting to know what makes her tick, her secrets, her heart.

He paused leaning over to lay his lips on hers, “It’s time to feel again. Let me save you from yourself. You were drowning when I found you, but I’m not letting you go, not without a fight.” He kissed her sweetly and moved back standing up and over her. Lena looked up at his out stretched hand.

“Take my hand Lena.” He offered and she knew he meant it in a way that went far beyond offering to help her stand.

Mason charmed me immediately. (I'm also a sucker for his sexy dimples.) The way he handled Lena, by slowly breaking down her walls, melted my heart. He never gave up on her no matter how defensive and angry she got. His kindness and patience completely won me over. I know at some point I should have been thinking that he should give up on Lena, but part of me saw the same thing in Lena Mason did. This is a woman who is hurting and needs a little bit of TLC to find her happiness again. And as the story progresses, Lena does have lot of emotional growth and the prickliness slowly melts away.

I feel like this story is not only Lena's journey to finding happiness but Mason's journey as well. In a sense, this story is broken up into two parts. But I won't delve into why I feel that way so that I don't spoil the reader. What I will say, the heroine definitely saves face at the end. She was broken until she met Mason and, when the time came, she fought hard for what she wanted.

And of course, I have to mention the sexy times. They are exquisitely sexy! The chemistry between Lena and Mason is fierce. My kindle was smoking. And let me just say, there is a scorching hot window sex scene you don't want to miss. Swoon. Okay, if I’m being honest with myself, all of the sex scenes made me swoon!

I absolutely enjoyed this beautifully written story. Well done Ms. Frank! And because I loved this book so much, I'm definitely going to pick up Entice (Shelley's book), the second book in the Exquisite series! I love Shelley. She definitely brought it as a fabulous BFF to Lena. So I can't wait to meet the man that can keep up with this fiery blond bombshell. Bring on the hotness!


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