Quickie: Bonds of Trust by Lynda Aicher


Bonds of Trust (Wicked Play, #1) by Lynda Aicher
Carina Press (November 26, 2012)

Rating: C+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Cali Reynolds – Divorcee, Submissive
Hero: Jake McAlister– Owner of The Den, Dominant
Setting: Minnesota, USA



This story has elements of BDSM: D/s, light bondage, voyeurism and exhibitionism, and spanking.


Cali Reynolds has spent most of her forty-four years enduring an unfulfilling sex life. Never sure what the problem was between her and her ex-husband, Cali assumes the blame lays with her. Looking to change, to actually feel something during sex, she scours the internet to figure out what turns her on. Which is how she discovers BDSM and all it has to offer. Unsure what she wants exactly, but knowing what turns her on in theory, she decides to join The Den—an exclusive sex club owned by three men.

Which is where she runs into Jake, one of the three owners, during the interview process. Usually only a Dom for hire, never taking a permanent sub, he finds he can’t pass Cali on to another Dom. Jake wants to be the one to initiate her into the lifestyle. Which complicates things for him since he is feeling the strains of a five year itch and is ready to move on to someplace new.

The chemistry between Cali and Jake flares immediately. Watching Cali learn what turns her on, and owning her kinks, with Jake there to guide her was super hot and spicy. Jake does a fantastic job easing Cali out of the vanilla she was used to and into the kink she truly craves.

Unfortunately, things kind of unraveled for me around the 72% mark. There was an influx of drama… and hurtful things were said and done… and, more than anything, it felt like more than two months worth of growth for Cali was obliterated in seconds. I was disappointed to see her spine melt away so easily. The story and Cali did redeem themselves, but I just hated to see Cali change for the worst so suddenly.

Bonds of Trust may be a lighter take on BDSM, but it still gives us what we really, really want. There is a scene involving a spanking bench and… Oh, my goodness, yes. Jake can teach me the ways of the lifestyle anytime!

If you enjoy kinky stories and are looking for one that is gentle and not at all extreme, I definitely think you’ll enjoy this!

Thoughts While Reading:

13.0% - "Slow beginning, but I like where it's headed."
72.0% - "No, no, no, no. Ugh, Cali. Stupid ex-husbands."


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