One Night Stand: The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter


The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter
Penguin Books (November 1, 2012)

Rating: C-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Abbie Marshall – Journalist, Submissive 
Hero: Jack Winter – Actor, Dominant 
Setting: California and New York, USA



Abbie Marshall is being chased by dangerous men after uncovering some political secrets. Secrets someone is determined to keep. Trapped and scared in a Honduras airport, she is desperate to find a way to get home. Her timing couldn’t have been any more perfect as her editor has set up an exclusive interview with Jack Winter, a famous movie star who happens to be leaving the same airport at the exact same moment Abbie needs to escape.

After hopping on Jack’s plane, she meets Jack and is immediately drawn to his gorgeous good looks and his bad boy attitude. Jack was accompanied by his best friend Kevin and his agent Zeke Bryan. However, just when Abbie thought she was safe and secure and going home, the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes into the rainforest. Jack is forced to take control and use the skills he learned while filming another movie.

After the crash, the four of them take off in the jungle with the hope of finding civilization and being rescued. During this time in the jungle, Abbie is forced to rely on Jack for help. As they continue their journey in the rainforest, Jack and Abbie become close and form an attraction towards one another. However, Abbie has a fiancĂ© waiting for her back home. And she is determined to not let the sexy, dominating Jack Winter interfere with her life—a life that has basically been mapped out for her by her parents and her fiancĂ©, William’s, parents. Abbie keeps trying to put Jack out of her mind but Jack is not someone you just forget, with his dark hair, ice blue eyes, and domineering personality. Especially when he decides you need a spanking when you’ve been bad.

Once they’ve been rescued, and are back in the states, Abbie wants to put all thoughts of Jack out of her mind. Jack doesn’t want to forget about Abbie but, knowing he can’t have her because she’s taken, he moves on with his life as a Hollywood movie star. Will they be able to forget their time together in Honduras? The attraction they have for one another continues to linger. And because of this, they find their way back to one another.

"Bad girl." Jack withdrew his fingers and pressed them to his mouth. "Hot, sweet little Abbie, I can see that you're going to need a lesson about who's in charge here."

What I liked about this story is Abbie. She was in complete denial of her submissive side when she met Jack, but after Jack put her over his knee in the jungle, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. And this made her realize how much she liked having someone dominate her. Now that she’s had a taste of BDSM, she is no longer able to go back to her boring and stale relationship. She wants more. So she decides to discover her submissive side and explore the BDSM world. I like that Abbie stayed true to herself but was willing to explore her kinky side. And when the going got tough with Jack, she stood up to him. She may be submissive in the bedroom but she isn’t Jack’s doormat. Good girl.

What I didn’t like about this story is that I couldn’t make any kind of emotional connection with Abbie and Jack’s relationship. This really bothered me. I felt disconnected and bored. I shouldn’t have been bored when Jack and Abbie would have sexy times together but I was. I’m not sure if it was me or if it was the story. But I honestly just could not get into it.

Another problem I had was Jack. He claimed that he wanted honesty, right from the beginning, but he wasn’t up front and honest about himself. It bugged me that he demanded honesty from Abbie and threatened punishment if she didn’t give it to him. But Jack never reciprocated his demands. He kept things from her and when she wanted answers, he ran. I lost a little bit of respect for Jack because of this.

The sex scenes are pretty hot, maybe slightly on the vanilla side as far as hardcore BDSM is concerned. But being that Abbie is just discovering her submissive side, Jack didn’t push her too far. I can see the D/s relationship moving up another level in the next book. I’m going to assume there are more books in this series since the storyline wasn’t completed wrapped up at the end.

I may just be nitpicking here but, when writing an American character, I think the grammar should be used correctly. Americans do not speak or write words like color or favorite using “ou” – e.g. favourite and colour. Also, words like trousers instead of pants and jeans, lounge instead of patio, are used. I know, this sounds like I’m picking on the authors but I’m not trying to. But I did feel like it was distracting as I was reading.

Overall, I think some erotica readers will enjoy this book even though it didn’t work for me. And even though I didn’t completely love this story, it does have enough potential to make me curious enough to read the next book.

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