One Night Stand: One Pink Line by Dina Silver


One Pink Line by Dina Silver
Dina Silver (October 20, 2011)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sweet

Heroine: Sydney – College Student, Mother
Hero: Ethan – College Student, Father
Setting: Indiana, USA



Sydney is about to graduate from college when she realizes her period is late. With a sudden urgency to find out if she is pregnant, she goes to the store and buys a pregnancy test. Unfortunately, she didn’t get ONE PINK LINE. She gets TWO. Shocked and stunned, she is going to have to make the biggest decision of her life.

The story flashes back to Sydney the last summer before she goes off to college. After she meets Ethan, they fall in love and spend the whole summer together. At the end of the summer, they part ways when they both go off to college. But they are both determined to make a long distant relationship work. Years pass but things are still going strong between Ethan and Sydney. When Ethan gets a job in Boston, he asks her for more of a commitment. At this point, Sydney is in her last year of college and not ready to settle down just yet. Unfortunately, before she has a chance to spread her wings after college, she finds out she’s pregnant right before graduation. And Life as she knows it changes forever.

“Having to sacrifice you to have this baby will destroy me, so I hope that in time you can find a way to forgive me.”

Sydney made a huge mistake – a mistake that altered her life forever. She didn’t run from her mistake, she owned up to it. She turned her life around and made something of herself. Even though her relationship with Ethan suffered, they managed to work against all odds to be with one another. He truly loved Sydney. The sacrifices he made for Sydney made him a true hero in my book. The choices Sydney made were hard. But she has no regrets because her baby girl, Grace, is worth all the heartache and struggles.

Grace is Sydney’s daughter. When she finds out her parents have been keeping a secret from her, she breaks down. She is angry, hurt, and feels betrayed. Not knowing how to handle the news, she makes things hard on her mother and father. Over time, the pain she feels lessens. As she matures into a wonderful young woman, she realizes how lucky she is to have such loving and giving parents. I was glad Grace found peace with her mother’s choice.

This story is told from two POVs – Sydney and her daughter Grace. I love how the story comes together at the end. This is not only a romance but is about the relationships and love between mothers, daughters and fathers. The characters are realistic. As their stories intertwined with one another, it gives the story more depth and makes it very believable. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Grace, Sydney, and Ethan. Their story pulled at my heart strings. I rooted for Sydney and Ethan the entire way.

Life if messy and unpredictable and that’s the message I received from this story. I highly recommend this heartwarming, loving, and funny story!


Thoughts While Reading:

47.0% - "I'm going to cry!"


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