Quickie: Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn


Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn
Erotica / Contemporary  
Samhain Publishing (April 5, 2011)

Rating: B++
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Candace Andrews – Virgin, Sheltered
Hero: Brian Ross – Tattooist, Pierced
Setting: Texas, USA



Oh. My. God. I haven’t found a series of dirty, dirty books that I am this excited about since Lorelei James’ Rough Riders. Give me plot, character development, and romance with my erotica and I will love you long time… Which is exactly what Miz Lynn gives us with Rock Me.

I really have to thank my dearest Paula for another super sexy series! Babe – thank you! *wink*

So, let me list for you the things I loved about this book…

1. Brian’s tattoos. Two arm sleeves of them. Candace wants to lick them, I want to lick them. You’ll want to lick them.
2. Brian’s piercings. Two in his eyebrow, both of his nipples, and one in his nether regions—called an apadravya. I Googled that and, yeah. Wow.
3. Brian frequently says “sweetheart” and “sunshine” for words of endearment. A bad boy with a sweet side? It makes my heart pitter-patter.
4. Brian knows what he’s doing between the sheets. Yes, yes he does. Fingers, tongue or the part of him sporting an apadravya, he knows how to work ‘em.

Do you need more reasons than that? I doubt it. I bet I had you by reason number two.

My only problems with this story had to do with Candace and her family. Candace is a tad na├»ve and sheltered, which is forgivable under the circumstances… but she made some judgment calls I wasn’t a fan of. Also, her family is psychotic. No other way to describe them. But, really, all that is small potatoes to the complete sexiness that is Brian Ross. Can’t wait to read Leave Me Breathless!

Favorite Quote:

“I love it when you look at me like that,” he murmured, his fingers kneading into the plump flesh of her cheeks.
“How am I looking at you?” she managed.
“Like you want to eat me alive, but you don't have a spoon.”

Thoughts While Reading:

9.0% - "Wow Miz Lynn can build the sexual tension!"
49.0% - "Cousin thing kinda skeeves AND peeves me..."
83.0% - "Candace's family is psychotic!"

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