Review: Your Wicked Heart by Meredith Duran


Your Wicked Heart (Rules for the Reckless #0.5) by Meredith Duran
Historical / Victorian
Pocket Star (December 10, 2012)

Rating: A
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Amanda Thomas – Secretary, Orphan
Hero: Spencer St. John – Viscount, Orphan
Setting: Here, there, everywhere!



Amanda Thomas is an aspiring adventuress. She longs to see the world and its many wonders. Unfortunately, during her first trip abroad, she ends up stranded in a far off locale, with no money or job, and – to add insult to injury – finds herself jilted at the alter. After waiting for her no-good fiancĂ© for three hours, Amanda sets out to find her erstwhile viscount—who had to be hurt or dying to abandon her.

What she finds, however, is Spencer. The real Viscount Ripton.

Spencer St. John has spent most of his adult life caring and looking out for his extended family. He’ll do anything for them, including traveling to the continent to bring his wayward cousin, Charles, home. When he meets Amanda, claiming to be betrothed to someone pretending to be him, he realizes his cousin is tangled up in this charade somehow. And he’s positive that Amanda is a charlatan or a seductress working with the imposter.

So, naturally, as his only witness and the only lead he has on his cousin, he decides to kidnap her. From there, Spencer and Amanda find themselves traveling across the high seas together, trying to follow Charles and catch the imposter Viscount Ripton.

Your Wicked Heart made my emotions run the gamut. Amanda’s predicament, the unfortunate circumstances she consistently finds herself in, and her outlook on life despite all of that—it endeared me to her. She may have sometimes been foolish, but she was never weak. Amanda had a spine of steel and never backed down. And Spencer, that stubborn, willful man... Even though he looked like a villain and could come across ill-tempered and testy, he charmed me as only someone with no true idea of their own charms can. And together... gosh, Spencer and Amanda had my feelings all over the place. Smitten one moment, hurt the next. Laughing followed by crying. I loved following them on their journey, the good and the bad.

A titled gentleman falling for a woman not of his same class might not be new, but when you combine it with imposter fiancĂ©s and mad dashes to exotic places, trying to catch a fraud and find a lost family member.... well, it becomes something special. Miz Duran can really make you feel like you’re in those locations and on those ships. And she definitely has a way of making you care for the characters. I truly loved and adored this novella and can’t wait for the first book in this series, That Scandalous Summer.

Favorite Quote:

His lips parted hers, and he tasted her.
A soft, hot prickle moved through her, a sudden relaxing of… everything: her muscles, her wariness, her wits. His lips were persuasive, confident, as alive as his laughter. He moved into her, crowing her against the wall, his body warm and solid, his mouth intoxicating. He tasted of wine, but on his tongue it grew delicious. His tongue toyed with hers, flirting with her teeth, the sensitive lining of her lips.
Her stomach seemed to lift and then fall away. He smelled like sweat and soap and spices. He smelled edible.


Thoughts While Reading:

17.0% - "I like the premise for this one. An imposter viscount."
41.0% - "Yes, Spence, you ARE an ass!"
100.0% - "Loved and adored."


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